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[Ermahgerd!] Android Police Is Now Available On Apple News

It would appear that our recent editorial, which opines about things iOS does better than Android, has scored us some points in Cupertino. Today, the moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived. Yes, you guessed it. Android Police is now available through Apple News!

From this point forward, you can use Apple's amazing News app on your favorite iOS device to catch up on all the tech news, hard-hitting commentary, and razor-sharp reviews you've come to expect from Android Police. Just imagine, you can enjoy your favorite tech news site (we ARE your favorite, right?!?!?!?!) while reveling in the better battery life, carrier integration, and messaging that's offered on that awesome iPad Air 2 that David told you to pick up for Christmas.

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September OTA Roundup For Nexus And GPE Devices

Of our many jobs here at Android Police, one is to make our readers' lives easier when we can. With that in mind, here's a roundup of all the OTA links for the latest security update for Nexus and GPE devices.

For Nexus devices, these OTAs basically serve as security and bugfix updates. On the GPE side of things, these mostly serve to finally patch Stagefright, though there is one exception. This OTA cycle is also seeing the Galaxy S4 GPE updated to Android 5.1 for the first time. That was an update that a lot of owners no doubt thought would never come.

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Nexus 10 Receiving An OTA To Android 5.1.1

The Nexus 10 appears to be receiving its Android 5.1.1 update over-the-air. This is mainly a bugfix release, but any update is welcome news, especially on a device that's considered by some to be past its prime.


The update weighs in at a somewhat paltry 13.9 MB and is most likely build LMY47V. We don't have a link to the OTA update ZIP file yet, but once we do, we'll update this post. This is likely a good sign that we'll start seeing a wider rollout to more Nexus devices in the very near future, possibly even to the so-far-neglected Nexus 9.

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[Ermahgerd] Verizon Apps Spotted On The Nexus 6's System Partition After The Android 5.1 Update, Rustled Jimmies Ensue

The Internet is in the midst of having a mini hemorrhage over something that, basically, doesn't matter. Shocking, right? It appears that a few people on XDA have noticed that their Nexus 6 had a couple of Verizon-specific APKs installed on the system partition after updating to Android 5.1. There are two issues at play here:

  • First, there are two APKs that are clearly identified as Verizon-specific. One is VZ Backup Assistant and the other is called VZWAPN.
  • Second, if you go to Settings | Accounts, which is probably the least visited place in the history of the Android settings app, you can add an account called "Backup."


Firstly, let's explain what these apps actually do.

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[Updated] PSA: If Your Nexus 6 Has An AT&T SIM Card, Your Android Updates Are Being Withheld, But It Doesn't Actually Matter

Update: Plenty of readers are saying that they've received 5.0.1 with AT&T SIM cards. The decision to publish this post was made after my testing and another AP team member saying that he had yet to receive 5.0.1 on his device as well. It's possible that the rollout to devices with AT&T SIMs is just moving at a much slower pace than for ones with other SIMs, but regardless, there is still something unique going on with AT&T. - Shawn

Update 2: AT&T announced the 5.0.1 update on January 6, while other carriers were announcing it around the middle of December.

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