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AT&T Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Finally Get Marshmallow

Owners of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on America's #2 carrier are in for a new sweet treat. It would appear that AT&T has begun rolling out a Marshmallow update for both devices. In addition to the host of goodies provided by Google and Samsung, there are also some welcome omissions from the Death Star in terms of bloatware. The update removes Keeper, Facebook Messenger, and AT&T Live, and moves AT&T Mail and YP Mobile from the permanent install to "virtual" preload, meaning you should now be able to uninstall the apps if you so desire.

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Google Now Posting Full OTA Images For Nexus Devices Alongside Factory Images

For a long time now, Google has made factory images available with each new system update for Nexus devices, but the problem was, you had to have an unlocked bootloader in order to flash them. Not anymore. Starting today, Google now offers full OTA images for all currently supported devices. These are not the incremental OTAs which sometimes take weeks to fully roll out. These are full OTA images that you can simply sideload with adb in recovery regardless of whether your bootloader is locked or not.

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[ItsHappening.jpg] Verizon Releases Marshmallow Update For The Motorola Droid Maxx 2

In a move sure to piss off owners of the 2014 Moto X on Verizon, the carrier has released a Marshmallow update for the Droid Maxx 2. There was a fair amount of speculation as to whether the phone would get an update to Google's latest OS considering that the device never landed on Motorola's official list. Alas, Verizon and the OEM seem to have come through.

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Verizon Is Rolling Out An OTA To The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Tomorrow, May 6

If you're an owner of a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on Verizon, you'll want to check for an update tomorrow. According to the carrier, an OTA is on the way and there looks to be more than just bug fixes and security patches. According to the support documents, here's a list of what we can expect:

  • Security patches, though we aren't sure if it'll be May's or one from a previous month, but since the phones are currently on February's security update, anything will be a welcome addition.
  • A pop-up reminder to close your SIM/SD card tray if you left it open.
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