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TellTale Games Continues Its Android Rollout With Tales From The Borderlands, Episode 1 Available Now

Borderlands is a phenomenally popular sci-fi shooting series from 2K and Gearbox, now on its third installment. The primary games have been released on PC and consoles, and their fast, twitchy action and high-end graphics are probably still beyond mobile hardware for the moment. But TellTale, point-and-click adventure masters and (just recently) prolific Android game publishers, have brought their own take on Borderlands to the Google Play Store.

Tales from the Borderlands is yet another licensed TellTale game, bringing the company's well-trodden adventure mechanics into the campy, occasionally witty, and ultra-violent sci-fi western world of 2K's shooters.

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[Introducing: The Android Police Podcast] Pilot Episode #1: Wherever You Go, We'll Be There

No, you didn't miss the memo - Android Police has been working, in secret (well, kind of secret), for nearly 2 months to bring you our first-ever podcast series. And we're calling it... The Android Police Podcast. Clever, I know. We've been diligently crafting it to make sure we get this right, and our first release episode is now ready for your listening pleasure (at least we hope it's pleasurable).

Seeing as this is our very first episode, we're especially interested in your feedback.

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