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Apple fires back at Epic Games, seeks monetary damages for 'breach of contract'

Ever since Epic updated its popular Fortnite title with a new payment flow that redirected customers toward its own website by promising discounted prices, chaos has ensued. Epic dared Apple and Google to kick Fortnite off app stores, then sued the companies for anti-competitive practices when it happened. We just learned that Google is working on getting the case against it dismissed, and now Apple is going a step further, seeking monetary damages from Epic for breaching its contract.

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Google will file a motion to dismiss Epic's Fortnite antitrust complaint

Last month was a great one for non-gaming drama lovers like me. Not content with its cut of the pie on mobile, Epic launched an assault on the Android and iOS app stores, leading to Apple removing Fortnite. Soon after, Google followed suit. Epic filed lawsuits alleging unfair treatment by both companies. Now Google is making a new move in the high-stakes game of corporate warfare: the company is looking to have Epic's suit dismissed.

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How to play Fortnite Season 4 on Android

Earlier this month, Epic Games released a Fortnite update that circumvented Apple and Google's in-app payments, which led to the game being removed from the App Store and Play Store. However, the open nature of Android means you can still play the game (and the latest Season 4 update), you just have to jump through a few hoops.

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Judge rules Apple can block Fortnite on iOS, but not Epic's Unreal Engine

Last week, Fortnite released a new update that circumvented Apple and Google's rules on in-app payments, by allowing players to purchase V-Bucks without Apple and Google taking 30% of the revenue. The game was promptly removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and now Apple is further retaliating against Epic.

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Google reportedly blocked OnePlus from pre-installing the Epic Games app on its phones

Epic Games launched a lawsuit against Google earlier today, alleging that the company is engaging in anti-competitive behavior. The filing primarily focuses on how Google makes it more difficult to sideload applications than installing apps from the Play Store, but there are a few suprising claims, including how Google supposedly blocked OnePlus from distributing the Epic Games app on its phones.

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Fortnite has been removed from the Play Store, Epic files lawsuit against Google

Epic Games has fought Google's 30% cut of in-app purchases on Android for a while now, to the point where Fortnite was only available on Samsung's Galaxy Store and as an APK download. The company finally relented earlier this year, when the game finally appeared on the Play Store, but now it has been quietly pulled following an update that circumvented Google's payment system.

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Epic is daring Apple and Google to ban Fortnite from their app stores — and Apple just took the bait

It's no secret that Epic Games along with its CEO Tim Sweeney have been railing against the typical 30% cut software stores take, what with how Epic excluded Fornite from the Play Store for over a year over this very issue. In April Epic bent the knee to Google, finally listing Fortnite on the Play Store, but apparently, the company hasn't given up the fight, and so Fortnite just announced that there's a new optional way to pay for items in the game on both Android and iOS, which coincidentally cuts out the middleman while also providing discounts that range up to 20% off.

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Epic CEO says so few people play Stadia that a Fortnite port isn't worth doing

What came first, the chicken or the egg? I often see this question used to illustrate Stadia's current predicament, where the platform lacks games, and so it also lacks players. Clearly, Stadia needs more games to boost its player base, but without a mass of users, devs don't want to port their games. It's quite the conundrum, which was recently pointed out by the CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney, when asked if Fortnite would be coming to Stadia. Sweeney states that since Stadia doesn't "yet have mass-market user bases," the effort required to maintain yet another port for Fortnite is too extreme.

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How well does Fortnite play at 90Hz on a OnePlus 8?

OnePlus has been making a big deal out of the fact that its newest phones support Fortnite at 90fps, and so the company sent me an OnePlus 8 to put the game through its paces, and then report on my findings. As a seasoned PC gamer who's been playing on a 144Hz monitor for the last few years, I've been eagerly awaiting the day I could explore a high-frame-rate Android game at Android Police, though in the back of my mind I was always worried that mobile wouldn't be able to keep up with demanding frame-rates when gaming. Once you start pushing for the best frame-rates possible, graphics will ultimately have to be toned down, which is precisely the case for Fortnite on the OnePlus 8.

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Epic Games Store still coming to Android, CEO Tim Sweeney confirms

Gamespot recently kicked off a gaming event called Play for All, and during this event, the website interviewed Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games. In this interview, it was revealed that Tim still plans to bring the Epic Games Store to Android, something we first learned about back in 2018. Seeing that over the last two years the studio has changed its stance on listing games on the Google Play Store, it stands to reason that Epic's and Google's relationship isn't the best, so it's nice to confirm that the studio still plans to bring the Epic Games Store to Android.

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