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FCC approves Energous WattUp, the first 'at-a-distance' wireless charging system

Wireless charging was the hot new thing a few years back, then it faded away a bit. Now, it's coming back with Apple's decision to finally adopt one of the existing wireless charging standards. Every phone with wireless charging still needs to be sitting on the charging pad, but that could change soon. Wireless charging startup Energous has announced that its WattUp system has been approved by the FCC, making it the first "at-a-distance" wireless charging tech ready for consumers.

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[CES 2015] Hands-On: Energous Wants To Charge Your Gadgets Completely Over The Air - No Pads, No Wires, Some Magic

Do you know what RF pocket forming is? Neither do I! But if I told you it was potentially the way your future gadgets would be able to charge themselves over the air sans any wires or pads or other surfaces, would you be interested? I know I was, and that's what a relatively little-known company called Energous is hoping will get your attention.

Energous, despite not being particularly recognized outside its respective industry, is doing something with charging that seems legitimately revolutionary, and I had a chance to sit down and observe the technology in action. The thought of ditching your various docks, pads, cables, and wall warts in exchange for a box you stick on a wall or a table that charges your various stuff directly over the air, I admit, seems almost magical.

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