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That ridiculous Energizer 18,000mAh battery/phone raised just 1% of its Indiegogo goal (unsurprisingly)

You may remember that back in February at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, Energizer unveiled a boatload of phones. The most bizarre of the lot had a humungous 18,000mAh battery, dual pop-up front cameras, and it could seemingly also be used to break through glass in an emergency. In news that will shock nobody, it has spectacularly failed to reach its lofty Indiegogo crowdfunding target.

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Energizer puts a display on top of a massive 18000mAh power brick and calls it a phone

At the beginning of the month, we reported Energizer was planning on announcing a myriad of phones at MWC. The rumors had it some would feature a pop-up camera, and one could even sport a jaw-dropping 18,000mAh battery. Given the brand's expertise in power storage, it was only fair to expect the handsets to receive respectable battery sizes, but we were far from thinking it would present something as enormous as an actual brick.

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Energizer is bringing two phones with pop-up cameras to MWC... plus 24 others

Just like Kodak and Pepsi, Energizer is the latest mainstream brand that is becoming a smartphone brand. It's planning to release a whopping 26 models at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks, two of which have pop-up cameras. Unlike most phones debuting with these fancy mechanisms, neither is particularly high-end.

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Let's All Mock This Energizer-Branded Rugged Phone, Because It's Asking For It

Energizer is making a phone. Or more accurately, a small manufacturer called DDM, which sells various low-end devices in Europe via a handful of sub-brands, is making a series of phones and then slapping the Energizer name onto them. Oh, and they're going to be "ruggedized," like models from CAT and Casio. For some reason. Because "Energizer" is a byword for "Tough," I suppose. The company is trying to drum up some interest before a big reveal at CES in January, and since this is the tech blogger's equivalent of a bye week, let's take a look.


The new Energizer phone is in fact a "range of solid mobile phones," up to four if you believe the PR email sent to us.

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