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Samsung introduces new PRO Endurance Micro SD memory cards, up to 128GB for $90

Memory cards may not be the sexiest tech products around, but with many of our phones and cameras still relying on them for additional storage space they're still important. Prices for high-capacity MicroSD cards have fallen substantially in recent years, but it's not just the how much you can fit on them that's important — endurance is also a consideration.

Designed specifically for intensive monitoring uses, such as surveillance, body, or dash cameras, the Samsung PRO Endurance MicroSDHC/MicroSDXC lineup offers up to an industry-leading 43,800 hours of continuous video recording. They have read speeds of up to 100MB/s plus FHD/4K support via write speeds of up to 30MB/s.

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Battery Lives Of 8 Flagship Android Phones Tested And Compared - LCD Wins, AMOLED Loses, Droid X Takes Home The Crown

Here’s something to get your teeth into. Over at LaptopMag, a whole host of Androids have been put through their paces in a grueling battery life endurance test. The goal was to keep the phones’ screens on while doing a moderate amount of processing, namely cyclically browsing a collection of web pages. Despite the supposed power savings afforded by AMOLED screens, the phones employing that screen technology fell quite a ways behind in comparison to the traditional LCD phones.

Why is that? AMOLED is supposed to only use up power on non-black pixels, right? Well, as LaptopMag points out, the majority of webpages are actually dark text on a light background, a scenario in which AMOLED actually uses more power than an equivalent backlit LCD.

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