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Tor-based private messaging app Briar is out of beta


[Update: Rolling out] Facebook Messenger "Secret Conversation" encryption appears in beta app

A few months after WhatsApp started encrypting all conversations by default, and a few weeks after Facebook announced encryption was coming to Messenger too, Facebook has turned on the security feature, with 'Secret Conversations' available to beta testers of the app.

Secret Conversations do have a few caveats users should probably be aware of. They are not turned on by default, and neither is end-to-end encryption. A normal Messenger conversation can be made secret by a toggle - more on that in a minute - and these conversations will be encrypted.

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Facebook is testing secret conversations with end-to-end encryption in Messenger

Facebook isn't the first company you think of when privacy comes to mind. Nor is it second, third, or anywhere near the top dozen. It's lucky if it's anywhere on the list at all. But the company does own WhatsApp, the widely used instant messenger that started encrypting all messages earlier this year. Now Facebook is testing out that same encryption in Messenger.

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Viber Rolls Out End-To-End Encryption Verification, Hidden Messages, And Contact Authentication

It has only been a couple of weeks since WhatsApp made end-to-end encryption more visible and easily verifiable to all its users, and now Viber is following up in its footsteps.

The app, which messages seem to have been encrypted before (but not exactly end-to-end, apparently) will now show a padlock in conversations to confirm that your personal and group messages are end-to-end encrypted. All users need to have Viber 6.0 installed for the feature to work and the padlock to show up, which means that you'll probably need to wait a day or two before everyone's app updates on Android and iOS.

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WhatsApp's End-To-End Encryption Is Now Appearing For Users Everywhere

Staying private online is easier said than done, but a few services are popping up that promise to shield your conversations from prying eyes. The Signal messaging app, previously known as TextSecure, comes to mind. But the WhatsApp team has been working on securing its messages using some of the same code, and now, after testing things out last month, the service is ready to roll out end-to-end encryption to all users.

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WhatsApp Starts Emphasizing End-To-End Encryption, Collapses Long Messages, And Tests Some Minor Interface Changes

You know WhatsApp's Android developers have finished hibernating when they start throwing one build after the other like a going out of business sale. In the past couple of weeks, they unleashed the new emojis on everyone then proceeded to launch an official Play Store beta program and update the latter with miscellaneous things before starting to test the new documents sharing option. In the latest incarnations of the app between 2.12.493 and 2.12.500, a few other interface changes snuck in, one of which points to an important shift in WhatsApp's way of doing things.

Emphasis on end-to-end encryption

First, if you're on version 2.12.498, you might notice a new message inside chat windows confirming that this chat is now end-to-end encrypted.

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