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Cryptomator takes a stab at securing your cloud files with transparent, client-side encryption

Encryption is probably always going to be a hot topic. Whether it's fear of your government or just personal paranoia, there are quite a few options out there for securing your stuff. Local files and drives are all well and good, but how do you guarantee the security of the things you have stored in the cloud? The developers of Cryptomator, an open-source multi-platform cloud encryption solution, think that they have an answer to that.

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The Guardian alleges that WhatsApp has a "backdoor" that could be used to spy on users [Update]

In what I am sure was on purpose due to it being Friday the 13th, some mild form of privacy panic has hit the world due to The Guardian's article this morning about a critical backdoor in WhatsApp. It postulates that, due to how encryption keys are handled when a device goes offline and messages are not sent (for whatever reason), WhatsApp or its parent company Facebook can intercept user communications. Meanwhile, Gizmodo has reported that this is not the case — how WhatsApp handles encryption is a feature and works as intended.

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Solid Explorer 2.2 is now available with encryption, multi-window support, and more

There is no shortage of file managers on the Play Store. But Solid Explorer remains my favorite, simply because of its Material design and ease of use. For you power users out there, it also boasts drag and drop, FTP/WebDAV/SMB client support, batch file management, and much more. Solid Explorer has just been bumped to version 2.2, and there's a lot to get excited about.

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Google Allo's incognito chats have Snapchat-like expiring messages, private notifications, and encryption keys

The nice graphic you see above is the background of all your incognito conversations on Google Allo. It's one of the visual cues the app uses to let you differentiate between a regular chat and an incognito one. But what are these more secure chats and how exactly do they work?

Based on information we've obtained from a test preview version of Allo, here is what you should expect.

First, these chats are end-to-end encrypted (we've known they'll be using the Signal protocol for a while) with unique identity keys for each participant. One of the side effects of encryption is that Google Assistant doesn't work in them.

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[Update: Brazil court freezes $11.7M of Facebook funds] Judge in Brazil orders WhatsApp blocked once again

WhatsApp is hugely popular in Brazil where mobile subscribers pay high rates for cellular calls and messaging. WhatsApp isn't getting as much use today as a Brazilian judge has ordered the country's five wireless providers to block access to the service. Unlike past blackouts, this one does not include an end date—it's intended to continue until WhatsApp complies with a court order to turn over information. However, it says the requested information doesn't exist.

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Wire private messenger goes open source, invites users to build compatible clients

Wire is one in a growing number of messaging services that promise to keep their users' correspondence private. In this case, the service offers encrypted text, voice, and video calls. And now it's open source.

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Google's Allo Uses The Signal Protocol From Open Whisper Systems For End-To-End Encryption

Google will be launching its new Allo chat application in the coming weeks, and with it comes true end-to-end encryption. Open Whisper Systems has announced that its own Signal Protocol is powering the encryption in Allo. It's not on by default, which has sent some privacy purists into a fit, but this is still a very good thing.

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Viber Rolls Out End-To-End Encryption Verification, Hidden Messages, And Contact Authentication

It has only been a couple of weeks since WhatsApp made end-to-end encryption more visible and easily verifiable to all its users, and now Viber is following up in its footsteps.

The app, which messages seem to have been encrypted before (but not exactly end-to-end, apparently) will now show a padlock in conversations to confirm that your personal and group messages are end-to-end encrypted. All users need to have Viber 6.0 installed for the feature to work and the padlock to show up, which means that you'll probably need to wait a day or two before everyone's app updates on Android and iOS.

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WhatsApp's End-To-End Encryption Is Now Appearing For Users Everywhere

Staying private online is easier said than done, but a few services are popping up that promise to shield your conversations from prying eyes. The Signal messaging app, previously known as TextSecure, comes to mind. But the WhatsApp team has been working on securing its messages using some of the same code, and now, after testing things out last month, the service is ready to roll out end-to-end encryption to all users.

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