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Twitter is testing encrypted 'secret conversations'

It appears that Twitter is working on a 'Secret conversation' feature that would allow users to send encrypted messages to each other. This would bring Twitter in line with other messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram that already offer message encryption, and in the current privacy climate, it would surely be a popular move.

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Russia will block access to Telegram over continued refusal to let authorities read messages

A Russian court has ruled today that access to Telegram will be blocked in the country, Reuters reports. The messaging service has been facing trouble in Russia over refusing to share its encryption keys with state authorities, even after losing multiple legal cases.

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Telegram loses appeal to keep encryption keys from Russian government

Telegram is a popular messaging service in Russia, partially because of its encrypted communication capabilities. However, the company may be forced to disclose its encryption keys if a new court ruling stands. Russian Supreme Court Judge Alla Nazarova denied Telegram's appeal today, ordering it to hand over the keys to the Federal Security Service (FSB).

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[Update: Indictments in, assets seized] FBI busts Phantom Secure CEO for selling secured BlackBerry phones to drug cartels

There are several companies that offer encrypted and untraceable phones for use by the more private figures among us, and Canada-based Phantom Secure is one of them. However, its founder and CEO, Vincent Ramos, has been arrested by the FBI on several charges, all of which are related to selling locked-down BlackBerry phones to members of illegal organizations such as the Sinaloa drug cartel and the Hells Angels.

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Signal launches the Signal Foundation with $50 million in funding from WhatsApp co-founder

The encrypted messaging app Signal has become quite popular with millions of downloads on iOS and Android, and its underlying technology has been integrated with the chat platforms used by billions of people. Signal has done all this with only a handful of developers. Now, Signal is growing into the Signal Foundation. With $50 million in initial funding, this nonprofit will continue building on Signal's success to support private communication.

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Microsoft partners with Signal to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype

The Signal protocol—which powers the Edward Snowden-approved Signal Private Messenger—is being used to bring end-to-end encryption in Skype. The new "Private Conversations" feature is available to Skype Insiders running version, and is planned for a full rollout later this year. Naturally, both parties in a conversation must be running a supported Skype version for the feature to be usable.

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Edward Snowden wants you to protect what's precious with Haven

As a tech enthusiast with the brains and taste to prefer Android over the other options, you're probably someone who also appreciates the need for privacy and security. You may even keep a spare "burner" phone for when you travel to some less-than-confidence-inspiring situations like hacker conferences or the Winter Olympics. But what if you needed something even more powerful to protect data and even physical objects of monumental importance?

A new open source project from the Guardian Project and the Freedom of the Press Foundation may be what you're looking for, an app that turns your smartphone into a security system, known as Haven.

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Samsung has added its Secure Folder app and file encryption tool to the Play Store

The march of Samsung apps moving to Google Play continues. This time it's Secure Folder that has made its way over to every Android Police reader's favorite app store. Whatever it is you might need to keep hidden from prying eyes, now you have one more way to keep the app up-to-date. Unfortunately, it seems that it's limited to Samsung devices.

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The stable version of the Signal app is receiving beta support for video calls

If you use the encrypted messenger Signal, you may want to be checking for a new feature that is rolling out to the stable version of the app. Video calls are coming — and yes, this was added to the beta version just a few days ago. To accomplish this, Signal is overhauling its entire calling infrastructure (which should improve voice call quality, too).

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Cryptomator takes a stab at securing your cloud files with transparent, client-side encryption

Encryption is probably always going to be a hot topic. Whether it's fear of your government or just personal paranoia, there are quite a few options out there for securing your stuff. Local files and drives are all well and good, but how do you guarantee the security of the things you have stored in the cloud? The developers of Cryptomator, an open-source multi-platform cloud encryption solution, think that they have an answer to that.

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