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LinkedIn Releases Dedicated Job Search App, Because Apparently The Rest Of The Social Network Can Be Used For Other Things

LinkedIn is one of the few social networks that aren't about having fun. Folks use it to find jobs, get jobs, and talk to other people about their jobs. Really, it's the opposite of fun.

Now the company has released a dedicated job search app into the Play Store. This way you can cut through the various community groups and quasi-inspirational postings to get straight to the reason you dug up your old LinkedIn password in the first place.

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Steve Kondik, Aka Cyanogen, Joins Samsung Mobile (And Their Babies Will Be Picture Perfect)

Steve Kondik, better known as Cyanogen, the father of CyanogenMod, has posted an interesting update to his professional life on his Facebook page. Steve, who has founded the largest family of custom Android ROMs on the planet, has just joined Samsung Mobile to presumably work on Android-related goodies for one of world's largest electronics manufacturers.

It's only fitting to see the two masters of their own domains join forces, so here's to hoping the fruits of their labor are going to be beautiful and exciting for us, Android users.

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