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Android 10 users get access to Android 11's new emojis in a quirky way

On almost every OS and platform, support for new emojis usually requires a software update. This is generally the case with Android too: a new version brings the ability to display new emojis system-wide then Gboard gets updated to support sending those. We're on the cusp of a change, though, as Android 10 users have suddenly gained the ability to display and send 11's smileys through a combination of Gboard and Messages.

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WhatsApp beta adds Unicode 11 emojis, private replies in groups

Back when I was six years old, a teacher showed us the image of an animal and asked us what it was. Several students answered "hippopotamus," and I was left wide-eyed and speechless. I was not used to being one of those who didn't know something, so the feeling stuck with me and I started working harder to avoid being as clueless as I was that day. If that incident is still imprinted in my memory, you can imagine that the hippo holds a special place in my heart too. My husband would tell you that I made him walk the entire Valencia Bioparc twice on our honeymoon because we missed the hippo on our first pass.

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Google serves 'Android Burger' for lunch in company cafeteria, stays true to its emoji and keeps the cheese below the patty

Last week, a tweet from a Danish media analyst contrasting Google and Apple's hamburger emoji designs set the internet ablaze. Google's take on the emoji, which places the cheese below the patty, drew the ire of many. Less than 12 hours later, Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded, reassuring everyone that the company would address the matter immediately. While the world waits to see whether Google changes (some would say, corrects) the architecture of its Android hamburger emoji, there is one update to share: Googlers were served "Android Burgers" on Friday – and, yes, the cheese was kept below the beef patty.

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WhatsApp beta 2.17.397 adds new emojis for fantasy, facial expressions, and yes, T-Rex

While I'm sure very few people have yearned for a broccoli or a cricket emoji on WhatsApp, there are plenty of other emojis that were still missing from the app compared to the Android 8.0 emoji set and Apple's latest set. The monocle, star eyes, swearing face, vomiting face, shushing face, exploding head, and many more were still missing from WhatsApp even when the app revamped its entire emojis early this month and introduced its own set.

With the latest beta 2.17.397, WhatsApp brings all of these missing emojis to the table. It's true that you could receive these before in conversation, but you couldn't send them and now you can.

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WhatsApp introduces its own emoji set in the latest Android beta v2.17.364

WhatsApp has always used iOS' emoji designs and fonts in all of its apps. Whether you're on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, or desktop, you would see the same emojis independent of your device's built-in emojis. That created a unified approach to avoid any confusing moments like, "you sent me a gun!" and "I said it was a water gun!" However, it looks like WhatsApp is now breaking the shackles of its iOS emojis... somewhat.

In the latest Android beta v2.17.364, WhatsApp introduced a new set of emojis that are its very own. They look like iOS and Android Oreo emojis had a baby and from every comment we received, no one is enthused about them.

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Google uploads Android O emoji to GitHub under Apache license

I'm personally not a huge fan of Android O's updated set of emoji, and judging by our poll from last month, neither are many of you. But in case you ever want to use them in your own projects, Google has uploaded all of them to GitHub.

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Facebook's Messenger adds new Snapchat-like filters, animated emoji, and masks

Today Facebook has announced a bunch of new ways to add a bit more fun to video messaging via its Messenger platform. You can now add animated emojis which augment your own reactions in real time, overlay a variety of filters to jazz up your video feed, and take advantage of some new mask options. And if any of those new features result in an image you'd love to save, you can even capture screenshots from video chats directly from the application. 

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[Facepalm, Shrug] WhatsApp adds plenty of new emojis from Android 7.1 including professions and gender equality

Emojis, there are thousands of them and yet you always seem to be looking for that one emoji that doesn't exist yet. Did we have to wait this long to have a facepalm or crossed fingers? I guess we did. Anyway, let's skip the pointless blabber and go straight to the point: WhatsApp has new emojis on Android.

Regardless of which version of Android you're using, WhatsApp 2.17.44 beta (APK Mirror) has implemented the font images to properly display plenty of new emojis that are found in Unicode 9.0 and Emoji 4.0. If that sounds like jargon to you, you should know that in layman terms, they're all the new emojis found in iOS 10.2.

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Chrooma Keyboard 4 adds GIF search, colored navbar, emoji suggestions, word blacklist, more

Chrooma Keyboard is one of those keyboards I can always recommend to people who like the Google Keyboard but want something more out of the experience. I have been using it on and off since it got updated to v3 in June and I love its adaptive colors that fit with whatever app you're using, extensive gestures, multilingual support, and customizable action row. But since some of these features were already added to GBoard recently, there were fewer reasons to use Chrooma... until this new v4 update came rolling.

Now Chrooma has emoji suggestions so you get a pizza emoji when you type the word "pizza," neural predictions for your sentences, a smarter clipboard that lets you view a history of your copied texts and paste whichever you want as well as pin some to keep them, a words blacklist option to stop suggesting certain words, and the customizable action row now shifts from emojis to numbers to punctuation depending on what you just typed.

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Android 7.1 feature spotlight: Google implements hundreds of new emojis for professions, gender equality, more

Android 7.0 marked the first time that Android had more emojis than iOS and although that gap was closed with the release of iOS 10, Nougat 7.1 is here to take the lead again. We're not talking about a couple of new emojis, but dozens of new ones and hundreds of variations on them and on existing ones. Without further ado, let's see what's new with Android 7.1's emoji situation.

Profession emojis with a focus on women

Several months ago, Google made a proposal to the Unicode's emoji subcommittee (PDF link) to add 13 female professions to the emojis in a bid to encourage gender equality and move beyond the traditional roles that women were depicted in in the existing emoji list (dancer, queen, getting a haircut, and so on).

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