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[Huge Pictures] Here Is Every Single Emoji In Android As Of The New 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update

With Android 6.0.1, which began rolling out today, comes support for over 200 new unicode emoji and accompanying graphics. No, I do not have a chart of all the new emoji. Sorry. What I do have is the now-current picture of every single emoji on Android. There are a lot. I'm sorry not all of these are perfectly spaced and aligned to the pixel, but I did what I could in an hour or so.

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Android 6.0.1 Factory Images Now Available, Many New Emoji And December Security Patch In Tow

Android 6.0.1 factory images are now available for the Nexus 5, 5X, 6, 6P, 7 (and 7 w/ mobile data), 9 (and 9 LTE), and Player - you can find them here. Included in the new update are many, many emoji characters, and there's a good breakdown on just which ones are new over at Ars Technica.


Allegedly, there is also a new navbar layout for tablets, and though we've not independently verified it's on the Nexus 7 (update: the nav buttons on the Nexus 7 are unchanged) or Nexus 9 ourselves, you can see this screenshot of it, also from the Ars article, below.

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Android Head Hiroshi Lockheimer Says Nexus OTA Is Coming Next Week With New Emoji, Possibly As Part Of Android 6.0.1

Are you sick and tired of iPhone users taunting you with taco emoji that don't render correctly on your Android device? Well, salvation is just around the corner. Google's Android SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted that the new emoji are coming next week! Yay... oh... to Nexus devices. Sorry, everyone else. New emoji require a system update, so that means an OTA is happening, and it may be 6.0.1.

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Fallout C.H.A.T. Helps You Express Your Post-Apocalyptic Emotions With Custom Emoji And GIFs

Can you hear that sound off in the distance? That's the Fallout hype train picking up steam as we approach the much-anticipated release of Fallout 4 on November 10th. Bethesda released the mobile game Fallout Shelter a couple months ago, but now it has dropped a messaging app into Google Play. It's called Fallout C.H.A.T., which stands for Communications Hub and Transmitter.

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Google's New SVP Of Android Says More Emojis Are On The Way

Words are for losers. As someone who makes a living putting them in a pleasing order, I should know. The future belongs to emojis, tiny, semi-open images that boil the nuances of self-expression down to a series of postage stamps. And at the moment, Apple's iOS has an advantage in that respect: a recent software update gave iPhones and iPads access to new emojis that don't appear on other hardware, like Android. So when Android users can't see the brilliance of a pixel art middle finger and thus miss the subtle meaning behind their iPhone-using friend's text message, the world is poorer for it.

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Snapchat 9.14 Offers A Travel Mode That Uses Less Data, New Emoji Button, And More

Snapchat's developers have pushed out another update to the Android app, version 9.14. Like before, users get to satisfy their thirst with a trickle of new features.

One tucked away change is the ability to see who has viewed your Story by tapping on the eyeball in the corner. We also see an addition aimed specifically at users with limited or slower data connections. There's now the option to dive into Settings and enable Travel Mode, which reduces mobile data usage.

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[Live Long And Prosper] WhatsApp Adds Skin Tone Emojis And Spock Vulcan Salute On Android

Skin tone emojis have been a staple of WhatsApp's iOS application for a long time and have recently made an official appearance on the Unicode's version 8 update. However, if you were using Android, you could only view these emojis if they were sent by your peers (as of the app's Material update) or use WhatsApp Web to send them. There was no way to pick a skin tone modifier if you were chatting away from your phone.

That changes with WhatsApp's latest beta (either 2.12.159 or 2.12.161 will do). When you go to add an emoji inside the app, if you scroll down past the regular facial expressions to the emojis with human elements like people, hand gestures, and some activities, you'll see that most of these have a little triangle at the bottom, to denote more options.

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Skype 5.3 Brings Chat Bubble Layout And Oversized, Animated Emoticons—Meanwhile Qik 1.5 Introduces New Video Effects

Emoticons are nothing new for Skype or any other instant messaging client. Why, then, are they worth mentioning in version 5.3's changelog? Because now they're big. If you send a message containing only an emoticon, Skype will display a large version, complete with animation. Expressions appended to the end of a sentence, on the other hand, will continue to show up tiny.

While you're checking out these screenshots, also note the app's bubble style chat layout, which has now made its way over from other platforms to Android.

Skype1 Skype2

A few other changes have made it into this release. Conversations will no longer jump to the most recent message as it comes in, allowing you to more easily scroll up to read ongoing conversations.

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Google Adds Some Valentine's Day Treats To Hangouts


If you're wishing someone a happy Valentine's day using Hangouts today rather than face-to-face, Google's got a special easter egg for you.

Back in December, Google added tons of special animations to Hangouts, triggered by words like "woohoo" or "yay!!" or "lmao," but it looks like there are some extra treats for Valentine's day. Typing "Happy Valentine's," or "Happy Valentine's day" will trigger a few heart-themed animations, featuring a love-struck emoji or a fox gifting flowers to its duck Valentine.

Screenshot_2015-02-14-08-58-12 Screenshot_2015-02-14-08-58-02 Screenshot_2015-02-14-08-56-57

This easter egg seems to be part of Google's effort to make Valentine's day special for users across its web properties, with other tricks including a heart-filled +1 action on Google+ (seen below) and Google's "special edition" reCAPTCHAs.

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Google Hangouts Rings In The New Year With A Dancing Emoji

One of the best things about tech companies is that they believe in having a little fun around the holidays, and there's no better time to take a beat to enjoy the festivities than New Year's Eve. Facebook just featured a themed selfie frame in its Messenger app, and Google is matching with a dancing emoji when you type the words "Happy new years" to somebody.

This easter egg has actually been around for a few days, but we thought today was the perfect day to highlight it. One more emoji isn't the most exciting thing, but you can have a little bit of fun surprising your uninitiated friends with a little animated treat.

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