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[Update: Out of beta] Gboard v6.3 beta is rolling out with improved search interface, search emoji by drawing, and more [APK Download]

There's a new version of Gboard hitting devices tonight, right after Google accidentally sent an internal v6.3 "dogfood" test build out to some users. Oh well, the version that's rolling out in the Play Store right now (also v6.3) is the proper consumer build, and it has some cool new stuff. Searching is now quicker and more powerful, whether you're looking for a webpage, emoji, or a GIF.

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Of course there is already a petition for Google to bring back the old cat emoji in Android O

As you may know, Android O changes the entire set of system emojis, turning the famous 'blob' faces into more generic circles. However, a lesser known casualty of this change was the cat emoji - which has also been radically changed. Someone has started a petition on to bring back the old cat, which is currently sitting at 153 signatures.

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The emoji support library in Android O means your phone won't need OS updates for new emoji anymore

One of the more annoying aspects of owning a smartphone on a not fully-updated version of Android can be emoji. Not how they look, but which ones your device supports. If you're running an older OS version, you probably don't have the latest Unicode revision of the emoji character library, and that can lead to the infamous blank square issue.

With Android O, Google is going to solve this problem, even if in a less-than-ideal way.

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Blobs be gone: With Android O, Google completely redesigns its emoji again

Android O is going to bring a lot of changes to our favorite mobile platform, and one of the most visible for those of us using Nexus and Pixel products will be the emoji: Google is completely redesigning them. Again.

The new emoji are teased over at Emojipedia, who got an exclusive look at the redesigned characters. If you want the tl;dr - they're more circular now.

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[Update: Auto support] Allo gets animated emoji, GIF search, and quicker access to Assistant

Are you still using Allo? I didn't think so. For the duration of this article, try to pretend that you do. Trust me, it'll make this easier on all of us. So, that super-cool chat app Allo is getting some new features. Emoji and GIFs are better, and Assistant can be accessed with less typing. I know you're all excited because you love Allo so much.

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Allo v6 prepares to introduce a vote bot, notifications on Android Auto, animated emoji, and new drawing tools [APK Teardown]

Last week was pretty busy with some big app updates and even bigger product announcements. One update that slipped through the cracks was Allo v6. There aren't any obvious new features, but there's plenty for a teardown. Some of the upcoming features will include a chat bot to enable voting among members of a group chat, Android Auto support, animated emoji, and some new drawing tools.

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Allo 3.0 introduces chat themes, suggested stickers and emoji, and Fantastic Beasts stickers

To say Allo had an underwhelming release would be an understatement. The Allo 2.0 update helped matters slightly, and today Google announced three new features - chat themes, Smart Smiley, and stickers from the upcoming "Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them" film.

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SwiftKey updated with support for Android 7.0 emoji

If you are among the lucky few who have Android 7.0 Nougat already, SwiftKey's got your back with some updated emoji. Nougat brought ample new emoji, and now SwiftKey has been updated to take advantage of them. This feature previously came to the beta, but now it's in the stable version.

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[Update: Out of beta] SwiftKey's New Beta 'Swiftmoji' Keyboard Predicts What Emoji You Might Want To Use

Emoji have gone from a weird, insular Japanese thing to a global phenomenon. Remember how upset everyone was when we didn't have that taco emoji? Now SwiftKey is looking to improve everyone's emoji game with Swiftmoji, a keyboard with predictive emoji. This is a giant leap for mankind.

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Hands-On With Dango: When Emoji And GIF Prediction Becomes A Fun Science

GIFs and emojis are everywhere. You can't even start a conversation nowadays without some form of graphic popping up in the first 5 exchanged messages. But finding and inserting them isn't always the most seamless of experiences. Whether it's scrolling through endless lists of emojis with the complexity of dealing with different sets and their weird emoji orders and designs, or trying to figure out how each app you're using deals with GIFs, it can take anywhere between a few seconds and a couple of minutes to find the perfect visual to convey your message.

That's where Dango swoops in to provide a better approach.

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