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Chrome For Android Dev Version 46 Includes Tweaked HTML5 Media Playback Controls

Have you ever noticed how embedded YouTube videos in the Android version of Chrome have a habit of failing to hide their player controls when you set them to full screen? That may be going away soon. Googler François Beaufort pointed out some new functionality in the latest Dev release of Chrome for Android (version 46): embedded HTML5 media has new playback controls. They're white now. Here's an embedded video from this Android Police post displayed in Chrome Dev 46...

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SanDisk’s New iNAND 7132 Embedded Mobile Storage Offers Faster Speeds With Improved Performance For Photography And Video

At Mobile World Congress SanDisk announced a microSD card coming with a massive 200GBs of space. That's for consumers to buy. But there's something for manufacturers too. The company has also announced improved iNAND storage to pack inside mobile devices.

As always, the new iNAND 7132 storage solution is SanDisk's most advanced yet. The company's latest embedded flash drive offers faster transfer speeds, enabling improved performance for burst photography and 4k video capture.

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Google Announces New YouTube API, Allows Developers To Embed High-Quality Videos Directly In Android Apps

It's rare that the phrases "developer API" and "holy crap" are uttered in the same sentence, but if anything's going to pull it off, it might just be Google's new YouTube APIs. These allow developers to embed high-quality videos right inside their apps, obviating the need for that silly WebView thing.

Here's the full list of new features that this API allows:

The API, which was pre-announced at Google I/O 2012, offers these benefits:

The news is fantastic for developers, partly because it will make it much easier to include video content, but will also make it possible to improve on the YouTube browsing experience.

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Samsung Starts Production Of New High-Speed Embedded Flash Storage

One complaint many people have had (particularly with Asus tablets) is that the performance of the embedded storage is just plain bad. So I ran some storage benchmarks (2 apps, 13 metrics) on 11 different devices and compiled the results. In sum: while adequate, most devices aren't exactly speedy in the storage speed department.

That's likely all set to change soon, as Samsung (who, let's not forget, is one of the world's biggest suppliers of everything electronic) has begun production of a new generation of embedded storage.

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