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Gmail v6.11 changes the interface for quoted text in replies [APK Download]

The latest version of Gmail began rolling out today with a short list of changes. Only one, actually. There's a tweak to the way quoted emails appear when you begin a reply, leaving the interface cleaner but possibly less intuitive. As usual, we've got a download link at the bottom of the post if you're looking to get the latest update ahead of its normal rollout schedule.

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[The Android Police Files #13] an apology is overdue — or burn in hell

Welcome back. Last we gathered here, the Pixel phones were only a rumor and Google's Home invasion had only just appeared at Google I/O.

In the time since, letters have continued to pour into the Android Police inbox. As always, the only purpose we can find in some of that correspondence is to put a smile on your face. Let us know in the comments if they do.

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Inbox's newest feature Templates inserts preset text snippets into emails

Email can be overwhelming, so it's useful to get someone else to manage it for you. Failing that, a computer should be able to take over the task. Google's Inbox has been doing this for a while now, with cool features like bundles, smart replies, digests and snoozing until later. A new feature, Templates, has just appeared in the web version of Inbox, which makes email even easier.

Templates are basically preset text snippets that can be inserted into emails. The user manages these and can create or delete a template. For example, if you want a custom signature, or some blurb about confidentiality when emailing an attachment, you could use a template for either.

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Inbox starts asking if you want to share the photo you just took

Google's Inbox email client aims to be more automated than Gmail. It bundles messages and suggests replies for you. Now, it's making it easier to attach photos to your emails. If you took a photo recently, new emails will get a handy link to add it as an attachment.

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CloudMagic rebrands as Newton Mail, adds $49.99 yearly subscription fee

CloudMagic has long been one of the most popular third-party email applications on Android. Today, the developers are really testing the loyalty of their users by changing the name and payment model of the app. It's now called Newton Mail, and it will cost you $49.99 per year after an initial 14-day trial. Thus far, people do not seem pleased with the change.

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Nine 3.0 adds Calendar, Exchange ActiveSync 16, drafts, and quick responses to its popular Outlook client

If you're an Outlook user, odds are you've downloaded the Outlook app on your Android phone or you've considered Nine as a capable third-party alternative. We first looked at it more than two years ago and found it to be an attractive if limited app with plenty of interesting features.

Nine has evolved a lot since its release and has now reached version 3.0.0. In it, the app gains a lot of important additions for any Outlook or Exchange user. There's now Calendar support so you can see your emails and tasks in a calendar view, Exchange ActiveSync 16 support for Office 365 users, common draft folders between the phone and the online inbox, quick responses to emails and conversations available at a swipe, and plenty of improvements to the design and navigation of the app.

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Google Photos v1.26 clarifies plans for video stabilization and teases a faster way to share [APK Teardown]

The recent theme for Google's app updates has been that they're not really packed with big new features. This isn't unusual, just part of the typical ebb and flow as development teams prepare for bigger things. The previous update for Google Photos wasn't loaded with many new features and the new one appears to have none at all. However, a teardown of v1.26 shows that there's still some work going on under the hood for the previously revealed video stabilization feature and hints at a new way to share photos with people that will be even faster than what we already have.

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Google provides new Gmail API endpoints for handling filters, forwarding, auto-replies, and more

Google offers the Gmail API to developers as a way to integrate with the email service. What app makers can do with Gmail is limited to the functionality provided in the API. This then limits what we users can do.

Get excited. Google has updated the Gmail API with new endpoints for managing settings.

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[The Android Police Files #12] i am alone now


Much has changed since the last installment of the Android Police Files. The 5X and 6P are the latest Nexus devices. We know a great deal about Android N. Google's founders formed a new company and made Google a subsidiary.

But one thing hasn't changed — we still get some hilarious emails. Here's your latest glimpse at some of the more absurd corners of the Android Police inbox.

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Inbox On the Web Finally Gets Support For Rich Text Formatting

Until now, Google's Inbox has been a sea of largely uniform text on the web. This was lacking in style, and Google has finally gotten the message. Starting today, Inbox supports rich text formatting.

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