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Inbox On the Web Finally Gets Support For Rich Text Formatting

Until now, Google's Inbox has been a sea of largely uniform text on the web. This was lacking in style, and Google has finally gotten the message. Starting today, Inbox supports rich text formatting.

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Inbox Gets Support For Streamlined Events, Glanceable Newsletters, And Saved Links

Google is rolling out some big features for Inbox today aimed at making it easier to stay on top of the deluge of email you probably deal with. That's really the idea behind Inbox itself, so this all goes to the heart of what makes Inbox preferable to boring old Gmail for some. This app is getting three new experiences including better event overviews, newsletter link previews, and a "save to Inbox" feature with its own Chrome extension.

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MailTime, The App That Lets You Treat Emails Like Instant Messages, Is Now Available For Android

The Play Store is getting a new email client. Big deal, right? It's not as if we're suffering for lack of options. Well, MailTime, which debuted on iOS in late 2014, is anything but just another entry in a crowded category. For MailTime, emails are just messages, nothing special. You didn't ask for a bunch of metadata, you just got it. The app parses your emails to separate the actual messages from the rest of the clutter.

The primary interface is, at first glance, much like any other email client. You have a list of threads to choose from. But when you open them up, you see an SMS-esque UI that makes it loud and clear that this is not your father's mail app.

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[APK Download] Mr. Robot-Approved ProtonMail Gets An Official Android App, But For Some Reason It's Incompatible With Everything

Since Game of Thrones seems to revel in jerking us around and House of Cards is now disturbingly close to believable, USA's cyberpunk drama Mr. Robot is Android Police's pick for cable TV binge-watching. While it's not so deep in its own hacker lore that it's incomprehensible to the layman, it's surprisingly accurate in its realistic and often low-tech methods of showing hacking and counter-hacking techniques. One of those techniques is using ProtonMail, an encrypted email service that makes FBI analysts shake their fists like cartoon villains.

image (1) image (2) image (3)

Considering that ProtonMail claims over a million users for its secure email system, it's kind of amazing that it took them this long to create an Android mail client.

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CloudMagic Goes Beyond Email To Manage Your Gmail, Google Apps, And Exchange Calendars

CloudMagic is one of several third-party email clients that can manage many accounts across different providers. Even though the Android Gmail app has had the option to add non-Gmail accounts for a while, CloudMagic remains many users' favorite way of accessing their email. It offers lots of benefits, like creating tasks out of emails (in Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, Asana, etc...), passcode lock, and easy file attachment from Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and other storage providers.

Now CloudMagic is ready to graduate beyond email. The app has added a Calendar section, accessible from the side menu, that integrates your Gmail, Google Apps, and Exchange calendars.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Adds Gmail-Like Features To Non-Gmail Accounts With Gmailify

Google started allowing non-Gmail email accounts in the Gmail app about a year ago, but you would lose all of the cool Googley features that come with Gmail. Now, you can get some of the Google magic in your email without migrating to a Gmail address. All you have to do is "Gmailify" it.

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PSA: Inbox By Gmail Can Now Handle Mailto: Links On Desktop

You click an email address in a web browser on your laptop all ready to type out a message and boom.

What is this?

You find yourself staring at the wrong compose window.

Instead of Inbox by Gmail, you're back in plain old Gmail. Sure, it's the same email account, and it will still get the job done, but come on.

Well, now you can set Inbox as your default option.

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Inbox By Gmail's New 'Smart Reply' Feature Lets You Quickly Respond To Email Without Having To Think Or Type

Inbox by Gmail is Google's way of experimenting with your email account. The service comes up with new ways to present information and organize it effectively. Now the search giant is taking the next step and responding to your email for you. Well, almost. It will look at your message and provide you with a few logical responses to pick from. Or you can use these snippets to jump start your reply if you feel you have more to say.

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AOL Releases Alto Mail, A Multi-Service Inbox That Manages Your Mail With Automatic Tags Plus Image And Attachment Views

When you think of the intersection between America Online and email, you probably think of the phrase "you've got mail," septuagenarians forwarding politically-charged but factually lacking messages, and/or Meg Ryan. But AOL Mail is still going strong, and it looks like the company is actually trying to branch out into mobile software. Take Alto Mail, for example: it's a new stand-alone mail client just published in the Play Store alongside more antiquated options like AIM and AOL On.

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Yahoo Mail 5.0 Now Rolling Out To Android Devices With A New Look, A Password-Free Sign-In Key, And The Ability To Manage Non-Yahoo Accounts

Yahoo Mail remains one of the company's biggest properties, and it's going all out with the release of version 5.0. This isn't just about a visual design, which we detailed when we got our hands on the beta. There are new features that can be found both in the app and on the web.

This release comes with the Yahoo Account Key, a way to sign-in without having to re-enter your password. Instead, it relies on push notifications sent to your mobile device. Just tap the button to get in. Hopefully someone else doesn't have your phone at the time.

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