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What the new Gmail gets wrong: Annoyances, broken features, and things we wish were left unchanged

The mobile world thrives on change, and we're always waiting expectantly for the next big OS update, next hot phone, or next service that changes our lives for the better. But that ceaseless hunt for improvement can also backfire on users when something they've loved and relied on is suddenly upended in the name of progress.

A good number of us are feeling that kind of frustration right now, as we get to know Google's latest Gmail redesign. We shared with you the news of its launch last week, and while there's a whole lot it does well, including the introduction of some powerful new features, we've also been putting together a not-so-insubstantial list of gripes.

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Gmail wish list: 10 features we (still) want

Email remains the linchpin of online communication, and while we heavily rely on everything from instant messaging to video chat in order to stay in touch with the people we need to in our lives, we always find ourselves turning back to tried-and-true email. Of course, even for something so utilitarian as email, there are still a million companies putting their own spin on it, and for so many Android users around the globe, Gmail is their email service of choice.

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Google is rolling out email snooze to the Gmail app

You might have heard the news that Google finally launched the new Gmail today. It's appearing in browsers all over the world as we speak, but another Gmail implementation is getting some new goodies, too. The Gmail app on Android will get snooze functionality as part of this revamp, and it appears the feature is rolling out to phones.

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Gmail users find spam in their sent folder, but don’t panic

Gmail users are reporting that spam emails are turning up in their sent folder. To the users involved, it looks as if their own accounts were used to send that spam, and many have rushed to change their passwords and enable stronger security. But in actual fact, it’s just a clever spam campaign and affected accounts have not been compromised.

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[The Android Police Files #16] Please stop following me i do not do anything wrong to your devices or stalk and harrass unsuspecting people

Seven months have passed since we published the last installment of the AP Files. In that time, the Android world has seen some pretty interesting additions. Way too many flagships, including the latest from ASUS, Huawei, LG, and OnePlus, are being leaked/revealed with notches (thanks, Apple). Android P made its debut in developer preview form, and it looks like Google may be adding gesture navigation as well. LG unveiled the successor to the V30, the nicely-named V30S ThinQ, which is just a V30 with more RAM and some AI features you'll play with once and never touch again.

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New 'self-destructing' confidential emails being tested in Gmail

It's no secret that Gmail is getting a redesign, but it looks like some new non-visual features may also be inbound. TechCrunch is reporting that "self-destructing" confidential emails with a configurable expiration date are coming to Gmail. Best of all, we can see what these new emails will look like and how they generally behave. 

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Google app v7.25 beta teases Google Assistant for Households, email and payment access with Google Home, and more [APK Teardown]

After an unusually busy week of updates, Google capped it off with a late-Friday rollout of its central app. As we should expect, there aren't any immediately obvious changes to the interface from installing this update – those will appear in the coming weeks as Google switches them on remotely. However, we've got a teardown of the APK that covers some of what we'll be seeing in the future.

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Gmail v8.2 prepares to add label for trip-related messages and automatic transfer for non-Google accounts [APK Teardown]

The Gmail team is rolling out a new update today, bringing the current version up to 8.2. There aren't any visible changes turning up right away, but there are hints of a couple new and potentially interesting features. We may be getting a new intelligent label that collects trip-related emails so it's easier to find them in a pinch. There is also a new feature in development that will make it easy to transfer your non-Google accounts from one device to another.

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Gboard v7.0 Beta adds email auto-completion, Chinese and Korean language support, universal media search, and more [APK Download]

Gboard almost never fails to add an assortment of new, and sometimes unusual features with each update. The latest version bump doesn't disappoint. In this release, Gboard can now auto-complete email addresses from your contact list, adds support for Chinese and Korean keyboards, and launches a new universal media search feature that brings together emoji, stickers, and GIFs. There are also some other smaller improvements that will make it easier to set up multiple keyboards within a language and perhaps get suggestions and autocorrections for languages you've never even set up.

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[Deal Alert] Check your email - some 'loyal Nexus owners' are getting 20% (up to $190) off Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Were you not enticed enough by the $529.99 refurbished Verizon Pixel 2 deal we posted earlier today? Well, we might have some good news for you; provided that Google has deemed you worthy, you might actually be able to get a brand-new Pixel 2 for less than that. In fact, depending on what configuration of Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL you buy, you might be able to save nearly $200 over MSRP - quite a significant amount. But it all comes down to whether or not Google thinks you're a "loyal Nexus owner."

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