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ellentube slow-mo dances its way to the Play Store, 3 years after iOS

Oh Ellen, it's stuff like this that could make me love and respect you just a little bit less. Boy, what am I saying? I'm joking, I swear. You'd have to do a lot more than ignore Android for 3 years to annoy me, and I do work for Android Police. We could have arrested you for this unforgivable offense and had you on trial for ignoring the majority of smartphone owners. That'd make a good skit actually, we'd be dressed in Android policemen and policewomen costumes, we'd barge in on you during the show... Oops, I got carried away.

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[Fun Skit] Alexa and Siri battle it off in Ellen Sketch, leave Google Home victorious

If your Friday morning is groggy and you're impatient to get to the weekend, I have one fun little video for you to watch. Ellen DeGeneres recently took on personal assistants in her show with a brief sketch that mostly joshes on their names. These assistants are still quite dumb right now, but look at what happens when they grow personalities of their own, get possessive, and start fighting for your attention:

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Warner Bros Releases Quirky Guessing Game Heads Up! For Android

If you've ever watched Ellen DeGeneres' show Ellen, then you may already be familiar with Heads Up!, a quirky and seemingly fun guessing game of sorts. If you haven't heard of it, this video tell you everything you need to know:

Zoolander! Oh, um, Starskey and Hutch! ... The Royal Tenenbaums! Oh! Night at the Museum!

Got the idea? Look like something you'd want to play? Good news! Now you can. The game was formerly only on iOS, but is now available on Android. It'll set you back a buck, which includes eight different themed decks that cover a range of different topics, including superstars, act it out, blockbuster movies, accents & impressions, animals, music, just for kids, and icons, legends & stars.

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