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[Update: Election tools] Google changes homepage logo to 'Go Vote' for the midterms

It's election day in the United States and to mark the occasion, has received a small but important tweak. 'Go Vote' is the simple message, as Google reminds its users of the importance of making your voice heard, regardless of who you support.

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Twitter introduces profile labels for US midterm general election candidates, political campaigning policy

After the 2016 US election, social media services have felt increasing pressure to improve the integrity and quality of information its users discover in their ecosystems. This week, Twitter announced US election labels, which essentially act as enhanced verified badges specially made for candidates running in this year's US midterm general election. The company also announced its "Political Campaigning Policy" to make it easier for users to understand exactly who is backing political ads. These are two steps Twitter is taking to make good on its vow to protect its users from misinformation and bad actors abusing its platform.

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Google Search will better answer voter registration questions for the upcoming US election

In case you missed it, there's a national election approaching here in the US. I know, it's understandable if you mistook the nonstop campaigning for our idea of good TV. It might as well be. But one way or another, years of campaigning are about to come to an end... for a few days before starting back up again.

Despite holding elections every year or so for hundreds of years, the process is still a messy one. Each state has its own requirements and rules for registering to vote. I majored in political science, and I have to search to figure out some of this stuff.

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Google Now Is Showing Early Voting Information Cards For The Upcoming US Elections

The midterm elections are fast approaching in the United States, and you know what that means: horrible commercials interrupting all of your football games. But it also means that citizens should sincerely evaluate candidates for local and national posts and make informed decisions while performing their civic duty. And if you'd like to do that without taking a few hours off of work in November, you can register to vote early in most states.

Google knows this, and appears to be inserting the relevant information into Google Now for people in certain areas.

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Google Now Has Started Displaying Cards For The 2014 US Midterm Elections

We first got an indication that Google Now would begin to include election-based content in late September, thanks to the handy UnleashTheGoogle root tool. Now it looks like the "Election Information" cards are appearing for users based in the United States, where the midterm elections will be held next month. (For international readers: those are the ones that elect all the members of the House of Representatives, some members of the Senate, and various state and local offices, but not the President.)

Screenshot_2014-10-04-11-42-00 Screenshot_2014-10-04-11-42-21 Screenshot_2014-10-04-11-41-53 (1)

Like most of the content that appears on the Google Now page, you can activate the Election Information card just by searching for relevant pages via the Google Search application.

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