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All the best Cyber Monday deals on phones, chromebooks, headphones, smart home hardware, and more (Update: New deals, Monday evening)

Black Friday has come and gone, but we're not done with pre-holiday deals by a long shot. Cyber Monday is upon us, and the deals refuse to quit. A whole bunch of what we're seeing today is an extension of sales that have been running since last week, but there's plenty of new stuff, too. Here, for your convenience, we've rounded up all the best deals we've spotted.

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Eero mesh router kits are up to $150 off at Amazon

It's no longer cool to have just one router. This is the age of mesh routers, and Eero is one of the top brands. The company (an Amazon subsidiary) recently unveiled a new version of its routers, and that one is on sale along with the older "Pro" variants. You can save as much as $150 on new mesh routers if you go all out.

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Amazon-owned Eero and Ring launch new mesh Wi-Fi station, security cameras at killer prices

Amazon has made a busy day for the consuming public: we've just parsed our way through the Echo speakers, the smart oven, other smart ephemera, and a raft of booster shots to Alexa. Now, we're covering the Amazon subsidiaries that have products coming out this fall. For eero, it has revamped its mesh Wi-Fi base station while Ring has a pair of cameras and a bridge between its Alarm hub and older alarm systems. Both are putting price pressure on their respective marketplaces.

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Get up to half off eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi bundles ($99 up) for Prime Day

Prime Day is coming into the homestretch, but we would be remiss not to point out some awesome deals on some products from a company that Amazon only recently acquired. Eero has been making mesh Wi-Fi routers and beacons for years now, but today may be the best time to spruce up that old local area network of yours — various Eero Pro router and beacon packages are half-off for the remainder of today.

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Amazon scoops up mesh Wi-Fi maker Eero as its smart home ambitions grow

As Amazon continues to flesh out its smart home division (and put Alexa in nearly everything), the company has announced a new acquisition that will significantly bolster its offerings: the Seattle-based tech giant is buying mesh Wi-Fi company Eero for an undisclosed sum. The savvy deal follows Amazon's acquisition of smart security company Ring last year and allows the company to broaden its already large connected footprint within customers' homes.

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[Deal Alert] B&H has eero 1st-gen 3-pack for $229.95 ($170 off), Samsung Fast Charge bundle for $39.99 ($60 off), and more

Christmas has come and gone, but you might still be in the market for something to spend some cash or a holiday bonus on. B&H is running a year-end sale on a ton of products, including the first-generation eero Home Wi-Fi System, a nice Samsung Fast Charge bundle, and several other goodies you might want.

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[Deal Alert] Eero 2nd gen router and beacon packs discounted up to 24% at several retailers

If you're looking to blanket your home with WiFi, the mesh network options are many nowadays. But eero has been around the block for a couple of years and the 2nd generation of devices, which was announced only a few months ago, has improved on the formula and been very well received by everyone who's been using it.

And now's the perfect time to jump on the eero bandwagon and grab a set for your house. Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H have very neat discounts on the different new 2nd gen eero packs, but you'll find the better deal on the router + beacon (24% off) and router + 2 beacons (20% off) sets.

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[Deal Alert] eero Pro 2nd generation down 10-12% in various packs (3-pack for $439.99)

WiFi routers are seeing a complete renaissance the last couple of years thanks to mesh networks, and eero was one of the first to spearhead this movement. This June, eero released the 2nd generation of its routers and these are the ones being discounted now.

The 3-router pack is the most discounted, dropping from $499 to $439.99. The router + 2 beacons pack is down from $399 to $356. And finally the router + 1 beacon pack is down from $299 to $267.99. The discounts may not be huge, but for a super recent product that has never dipped in price, this 10-12% off is a good deal especially if you were already considering getting a mesh system.

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Eero announces second generation home WiFi system, including the cordless Eero Beacon

Eero was among the first companies to usher in a new wave of mesh WiFi systems. The startup's goal was clear: Introduce easy to set up and incredibly powerful WiFi across homes that suffer from poor signal. The three-pack of attractive white routers wasn't cheap but performed commendably, and the companion Android app also won many plaudits. After numerous OTA updates improving the service, as well as the release of performance doubling TrueMesh software, Eero is now refreshing its hardware offering with not one but two new devices.

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Linksys jumps on the mesh WiFi network train, introduces Velop system with mobile app and Alexa control

Mesh WiFi networks are the new trend of the past couple of years. Eero, Luma, Google Wifi, and several others have introduced their own systems of routers that aim to simplify home networking as much as possible by consolidating access points under a single network SSID and letting your WiFi reach more areas of your house without too much headache.

Now Linksys, the company behind some of the most popular routers in the world, is presenting its take on the matter. Velop, which I'm going to assume comes from "envelop" as in enveloping your house with WiFi, is a system of routers in which each node is a Tri-Band 2x2 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO router that can also work as range extender or bridge.

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