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YouTube highlights channels that help children learn while they're stuck at home

Millions of children are stuck at home right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean they should be in summer holiday mode just yet. To help parents get into the homeschooling groove, Google has put together a list of Youtube creators and channels that make learning from home easier for kids of all ages.

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HP upgrades its education line with four new inexpensive Chromebooks for classrooms

Apple might be upset (and maybe a little envious) when it comes to Google's massive success in education, with over 30 million Chromebooks in the classroom to date. Today HP is revealing four more models for its educational lineup in sizes from 11 to 14 inches, sporting student-resistant designs, the same deep G Suite for Education integration, and prices that all start under $300.

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Jump start your kid's love for coding and have some fun too with the Sphero BOLT for $105 ($45 off)

If you have an inquisitive and curious-minded kid who spends more time indoors than out, then gifting a fun yet educational robotic toy like the Sphero BOLT will be a good way to get his or her brain juices flowing. Being a STEM toy, it's designed to prepare kids for a successful career later in life by developing their science, technology, engineering, and math skills. This smart toy usually sells for $150 but Amazon has it for $105 ($45 off) right now.

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My Echo is the one that says 'Bad Motherfucker:' Samuel L. Jackson will be an Alexa voice

Amazon just reported that Alexa is now available on over 85,000 devices, a 41% spike from May, from 9,500 brands — up another 28.3% from four months ago. With those kinds of numbers, it is paramount that more thought be put into a user's sense of privacy and security when they own an Alexa product. Today, the company announced a number of improvements, features, and skills it has worked towards in the past year with some new features available from today — notably including the coming addition of Samuel L. Jackson as a voice for Alexa.

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Microsoft may launch a dual-screen, foldable Surface that runs Android apps and iCloud

As Samsung and Huawei attempt to re-engineer their foldable phones so that they don't break so easily once they limp to market, we're left with smartphones with tack-on screens, laptops, and convertible or so-called 2-in-1 tablets. Microsoft seems to have mastered the folding aspect of its hardware with its Surface lineup of PCs, but it may be stretching to produce a new "foldable" tablet that will run, of all things, Android apps.

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Samsung is offering up to 40% off for students and teachers, including 8% off Galaxy S10 lineup

Samsung just announced its latest flagship Galaxy S phone lineup and the one thing most people tend to agree on is their relatively high price. The company is replicating Apple's strategy, with products growing increasingly expensive over the years, but is also offering a similar education markdown if you purchase through its online store.

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21 new and notable augmented reality games and apps from the last seven months (7/30/18 - 2/12/19)

Last year we saw how Google's push for developers to dive into augmented reality support paid off with a slew of AR releases on the Play Store. It would appear that this excitement has died down in the last few months, though there are still more than a few quality AR apps and games landing on Android that are worth pointing out. So without further ado, here are the newest and notable augmented reality games and apps released in the last seven months.

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HP refreshes classroom-bound Chromebook x360 11 and Chromebook 11 with Intel's latest N-series Celerons

Today HP has announced two new refreshed Chromebooks in it's 11" series targeting the education market: the Chromebook X360 11 G2 and Chromebook 11 G7. As their names suggest, they're both 11" laptops running Chrome OS and designed for that extra durability required in the classroom. That means rubber trim, spill-resistant keyboards, and Gorilla Glass as required.

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Sphero Specdrums are app-enabled rings that play music using colors

Toy robot maker Sphero hasn't had the best time of late, with slow sales forcing job cuts this time last year and, more recently, an end to production of some of its licensed products. There must be high hopes for its latest product, then, which is a new type of musical instrument for that responds to different colors.

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Asus announces the Chromebook Education series with two traditional laptops, a convertible, and a tablet

Chromebooks are popular among consumers, but they're huge in education. Asus has just rolled out a new family of education-focused Chromebooks, which it says are both lightweight and ruggedized. If something does break, the Asus Education series laptops are easy to open up and repair. That's important for anything you're going to give to kids.

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