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Motorola releases Android 10 kernel source for the Edge+

Motorola returned to the flagship smartphone market earlier this year with the Motorola Edge+. The company still doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to software and updates, but Motorola has just released the kernel source code for the Edge+, making it easier for third-party developers to create their own custom Android builds.

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Motorola commits to updating the Edge+ to Android 12 like it should have in the first place

Motorola has expanded the software promise for its latest Edge+ flagship phone. In a statement provided to Droid Life, the company has committed to providing "at least two Android OS upgrades" for the $1,000 phone. (You might have expected that to be a given when you drop a grand, but welcome to Motorola.) Given that it ships with Android 10, that means Motorola has now committed to updating the Edge+ to Android 12 someday.

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Motorola Edge+ renders show off waterfall display and triple-camera array (Updated)

Ever since Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, the brand's strategy has been subject to change. In the past, there were only three model lines, but now, it's hard to discern the plethora of often all-too-similar phones released under the Moto name. There also hasn't been a proper flagship for a while, but Motorola is apparently looking to change that. OnLeaks and Pricebaba have teamed up to share renders and specifications of an alleged Motorola Edge+, and it could shape up to be the brand's new front runner.

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Microsoft is giving some Edge features back to Chrome

In late 2018, Microsoft finally gave up on its in-house browser engine for desktops, moving its Edge browser over to the now nearly ubiquitous Chromium: The basis of Chrome. The first releases landed a bit under a year ago, and now some of Microsoft's changes to Chromium are percolating upstream — that's a developer way of saying Microsoft is offering some of its tweaks back to Google, and it's integrating them back into Chromium where anyone running Chrome (and any other Chromium-based browsers) will also benefit from them.

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Android Police's Toolbox for Google Play Store extension is now available for Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge for Android now supports Android 10's dark mode settings


With its Edge browser, Microsoft wanted to start with a clean slate and make people forget about Internet Explorer. In its race to popularity, the company has understood one of the most requested features is dark mode, which is why it just updated its mobile browser to automatically adapt to your system's theme.

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Microsoft releases first builds of Chromium-based Edge browser

Following 23 years of developing its own browser engine, Microsoft announced late last year that the company's Edge browser would use Google Chrome (or more specifically, Chromium) as a base. Early builds leaked online in March, and now the first official packages are available.

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Microsoft Edge now warning users about fake news (since y'all were too naive to spot it yourselves)

Microsoft is planning big changes to its Edge browser, but the Chromium redesign is still off in the future. For now, the Android and iOS versions of Edge have gotten an update that adds a feature called "NewsGuard." It's off by default, but when enabled it will tell you whether or not a news website is trustworthy. Naturally, some sites are not happy with the results.

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[Update: Only being tested] Windows 10 now begs users to stick with Microsoft Edge when installing Chrome or other browsers

Microsoft really, really wants you to use its Edge browser. When you search for the Chrome download page in Edge, you get a giant banner telling you how great Edge is. When you're on a laptop, Windows 10 tells you that Chrome is draining your battery. Now Microsoft is about to get even more invasive, by showing a full alert message whenever you try to change the default browser.

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