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HTC U12+ is official, with dual cameras, Edge Sense 2, and a stunning Translucent Blue color option

HTC may not be the force it once was in the Android smartphone market, particularly after selling off a chunk of its hardware unit to Google, but it's still capable of producing a compelling phone. Last year, the Taiwanese OEM returned to form somewhat with the U11, before following it up with a plus model that better aligned with some 2017 smartphone trends. The U11+ bumped the display up to an 18:9 (6" instead of 5.5") panel, moved the fingerprint sensor to the rear, and shaved off some bezel all around.

You'd be forgiven for expecting to see both a U12 and U12+ launch this year, but you'd be wrong.

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HTC squeezes more functionality out of Edge Launcher

In its thankless quest to prove the squeeze skeptics wrong, HTC updated its Edge Launcher today with more customization options.

Introduced with the release of the U11+ in November, Edge Launcher presents users with a customizable Lazy Susan of apps and actions when the phone is squeezed. With only one hand, the user can scroll through the rotating circular menu and quick-launch the items within.

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[Update: False alarm] Xiaomi may be working on a phone with edge controls, according to hidden MIUI setting

When the HTC U11 arrived earlier this year, the squeezable frame ('Edge Sense') that performed actions seemed like a gimmick. But it ended up being a neat feature, and we've seen it on a few phones since then. The HTC U11 Plus and Life both have it, as well as the 2017 Pixel phones. Now it looks like Xiaomi could be working on the technology for an upcoming phone.

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HTC adds custom per-app squeeze actions to the U11's Edge Sense

The U11, HTC's second flagship phone of 2017, stands out from the crowd with its squeezable frame. The phone's software can perform custom actions based on how intensely you squeeze the phone - something that this year's Pixels might get too. Now the company is testing a beta update for the Edge Sense app, allowing users to set their own custom actions.

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[Update: HTC Alexa app released for the U11, enables hands free or Edge Sense activation] HTC U11 Edge Sense now updated to include Alexa integration, but it's not working yet

The HTC U11 is a pretty good phone, but it has one particularly divisive feature: Edge Sense. Squeezing the frame of the device can activate various software features, most notably a personal assistant (a feature the next generation Pixel XL is apparently set to borrow). When it was announced by HTC, the U11 was supposed to have a choice of three assistants, including the company's own HTC Companion, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. The last of those didn't make it in time for launch, but it appears to be included in the latest update to Edge Sense.

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HTC U11 leaks on video, confirms Edge Sense and no headphone jack

HTC launched the U Ultra early this year, but the reviews were largely negative. Now, the company looks to be preparing for its "true" flagship in 2017 with the HTC U11. We've seen a few leaks of this device, but nothing as good as this. It seems someone who attended a briefing with the phone jumped the gun and posted their hands-on. We get plenty of angles on the phone and a demo of the new Edge Sense feature.

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HTC U leak reveals full specs, Edge Sense feature details, plus 4 microphones and dual speakers

The HTC U, codenamed Ocean, is the hottest item in the rumor mill now that the Galaxy S8 has been announced. The last we heard about the U, it was supposed to launch in April with a Snapdragon 835, 5.5" WQHD display, 12MP back cam and 16MP front cam, and Android 7.1. The headline feature though is the sensors around the frame that can detect your squeezes and swipes across the edges.

Now Android Headlines seems to have come across the HTC U's presentation doc and thanks to it, we learn a bit more about the phone. Specs-wise, we have a confirmation about the processor, screen, and Android version, though there's no mention of either cameras' resolution.

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Leaked screenshot hints at a new HTC Edge Sense feature and/or phone

HTC is about to get edgy, if these recent leaked screenshots are to be believed. The company might be working on a new flagship device with high end specs like a Snapdragon 835, 5.5" display, 4/6GB RAM and 64GB storage, USB-C, Android 7.1.1, and a new mysterious "Edge Sense" feature that has something to do with the borders of this specific phone.

Our only hint is a toggle in the settings for "Edge Sense" with an icon that looks like a finger reaching for the edge of the device. One interpretation could be that HTC is following in the footsteps of Samsung and going with a curved display, allowing it to implement gestures and actions on the side of the display.

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