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Amazon's Echo Wall Clock drops to $25, still can't do much

Back in September, Amazon announced new hardware to complete the Alexa ecosystem, including a wall clock. Although some people thought the gadget would function like an Echo device and come with a built-in voice assistant, it's only meant to connect to one and display timers you might set using Alexa. Besides that, it can't do anything more than a traditional timepiece, which hardly justified its original $30 price tag. In case you wanted one but found it too expensive, it's now selling for $5 less, making it psychologically more acceptable.

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Amazon expands Alexa ecosystem with new smart-home hardware: Microwave, subwoofer, Smart Plug, and more

In addition to Alexa-powered standalone hardware in the Echo series, Amazon also announced a whole bunch of Alexa-integrated products. From a new AmazonBasics-branded smart microwave to the Amazon Smart Plug, there are tons of new auxiliary devices landing for the Alexa ecosystem in the next few months.

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