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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Amazon Tap and first-gen Echo for $59.99 and $69.99 (both $20 off) from Amazon

Two months ago, Amazon unveiled a slew of new hardware, including the first update to the company's iconic Echo speaker. As with all technology, new products coming out means the old ones get cheaper. Now you can buy a certified refurbished first-gen Echo for $69.99, and a refurbished Tap for $59.99, both $20 off the usual price.

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You can now control your Blink security cameras with Amazon Alexa

Lately I've been looking at security cameras for homes and small businesses. Among the different options, Blink makes a very compelling proposal. Forget about wires and always-on connectivity, forget about monthly plans and limited server storage, the system works wire-free, hassle-free, and well, completely free after the hardware purchase. You just need to put in 2 AA batteries and they'll last up to 2 years, getting triggered only when motion is detected and uploading 5-10sec clips to the cloud.

The one problem with Blink though? Until today, it didn't integrate with any other smart home product. That summarizes most of the complaints on its online reviews: users say that you have to manually arm/disarm each camera separately in the app.

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