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Amazon's version of the Chromecast Audio is just $10 right now

Google upset quite a few people when it discontinued the Chromecast Audio earlier this year, but there are plenty of alternatives. Amazon's Echo Input turns any speaker with a 3.5mm audio input into a Wi-Fi enabled speaker, and now you can get it for just $9.99, a drop of $5 from the already-low Black Friday price.

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Amazon's new portable Echo Input has 10-hour battery life, launches first in India

India is an increasingly important market for Amazon’s retail business as a whole and its smart speaker line in part. The Echo range commanded close to 60 percent of the local market last year and gained support for the Hindi language this September to reach a broad base of non-English speakers. Maintaining that trajectory, and by popular demand, Amazon today introduced the portable Echo Input — its second battery-powered Alexa smart speaker — in the Indian market.

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Snag a refurbished Amazon Echo Input for a measly $10 ($20 new)

Almost every dedicated speaker in your home has the potential to become an Amazon Echo device, complete with voice commands, music streaming capabilities, Alexa skills, and more. All you need is an Echo Input, Amazon's sleek AI accessory that connects to most speakers via a 3.5mm headphone jack or Bluetooth. Today, you can save big on a refurbished Echo Input for only $10, half off its current sale price of $19.99.

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Midweek deals: $150 off HP Chromebook x360, plus savings on Chromecast, Amazon Echo Input, and more

We didn't have a deals list for you on Monday (it was a slow weekend), but we're back at it with some real heavy hitters this afternoon. Today you'll find discounts on all kinds of cool stuff, including the HP's well-equipped Chromebook x360, Chromecast, and Amazon Echo Input.

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Get a $20 Amazon Echo Input to fill the Chromecast Audio-size hole in your heart

Google's recently discontinued the brilliantly straightforward Chromecast Audio in a move to encourage people to buy full-featured smart speakers rather than letting them stream music cordlessly with the help of a dongle. Unfortunately for many, this was one of the few ways to connect "dumb" audio equipment to Wi-Fi networks, and with Google sunsetting its product, people have been left with a limited number of alternatives — excluding Bluetooth, of course. This was until Amazon unveiled the Echo Input, which essentially lets you use any speaker with Alexa.

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Get an Amazon Echo Input for $20 ($15 off) and add Alexa smarts to your dumb speakers

Smart speakers have exploded over the past couple of years, and for good reason. In addition to helping out with certain tasks, they're a convenient way to consume audio media. You probably have some dumb speakers around that you're not quite ready to let go of, though, and the Echo Input can help you squeeze more life out of them. Normally $34.99, it's currently on sale for $19.99.

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Amazon expands Alexa ecosystem with new smart-home hardware: Microwave, subwoofer, Smart Plug, and more

In addition to Alexa-powered standalone hardware in the Echo series, Amazon also announced a whole bunch of Alexa-integrated products. From a new AmazonBasics-branded smart microwave to the Amazon Smart Plug, there are tons of new auxiliary devices landing for the Alexa ecosystem in the next few months.

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