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The Play Store is offering nearly 30 kids' books for free

I'm not a parent, but I can imagine that many are getting driven insane by their kids now that everyone's stuck at home. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to potentially calm them down, the Google Play Store is currently offering almost 30 books, with some reading for a variety of age groups.

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The demise of Microsoft's ebook store reminds us that everything will 'stop working' with DRM

And now, for some perspective: Like many of Microsoft's sidecars — the Windows 10 Mobile OS, the Zune music player, cross-platform ecosystems, you get the drill — ebooks from the Microsoft Store have had their day. One of the latest casualties this year was the demise of ebooks from the Microsoft Store. Sales ended on April 2 and we are mere days from when, thanks to digital rights management, every purchased book will disappear from users' libraries.

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Storytime, anytime: You can now ask Google Assistant to tell you a story from your phone

We all need a little storytime once in a while. And we're not talking about the true crime podcasts or the hardcore dramas on Netflix we like to binge, just the good 'ol time of having someone tell your kids or you (we don't judge) a story. Google Assistant already is able to do that through a Google Home speaker, but from now on, it'll also be able to do that from your phone or tablet, too.

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Google Search now sports options for audiobooks

Audiobooks are great, allowing busier people to listen to books while on the go. Google seems to sympathize with this notion, having just added new options for audiobooks in Google Search. This news comes not long after we discovered mentions of audiobooks in the Play Store v8.4 APK teardown.

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2MB Amazon Kindle Lite beta lets you read your eBooks over slow networks, but it's likely India-only

Have you ever tried to read an eBook while on the move, only to be let down because your connection was just too slow? Amazon has just the app for you: Kindle Lite. This 2MB app is in beta, and it's designed to be loaded over slow 2G networks in India.

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Your local library's eBooks now appear in Google search

Big readers on a small budget have always had a hard time. Library waiting lists can get pretty long, and sometimes titles aren't even available locally. But today Google added a new feature to its search that helps library patrons everywhere. Now the next time you search for a book title, you can see if the e-book is available to borrow from your library. 

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[Deal Alert] Packt's eBooks are all on sale for just $10 each, including Android development ones

Have you been thinking about getting into Android development (or any development in general) lately? Don't know where to start? Well, Packt currently has its full catalog of eBooks and videos available for just $10 apiece - a great deal, considering the original prices of some of these books.

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Nook 4.7 adds quote sharing, voice search, and several other improvements

I love reading — my house is filled with books that I obsessively collect. In the grand scheme of eBooks, I think that Amazon Kindle has won the battle, but Barnes & Noble still holds on. Frankly, I cheer for Nook mostly because most of my digital library is there from my Nook Color/Nook Tablet days. All of that aside, the Android app has received an update to v4.7 after close to eight months of silence.

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New Kindle Singles Classics provide timeless articles, stories, and essays for 99 cents

For better or worse, Amazon dominates the e-book lanscape. After buying Audible, it commands audiobooks as well. In 2011, the retailer introduced a way to attract readers with content from magazines and periodicals. Alongside digital magazine subscriptions, the company began selling articles and other long-form content between 5,000 and 30,000 words.

Amazon called these stories and essays Kindle Singles. Now it's expanding on the category with timeless well-known stories.

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[Update: APK Download] Amazon Page Flip lets you skim an ebook without losing your place

There are some things you can do with a dead tree book that you can't do with the Kindle app. For example, get a paper cut or flip quickly between two pages. Actually, Amazon has figured out how to make the app do one of those things. Don't fret, your fingers are safe; it's the second one. Amazon's new Page Flip feature lets you jump to a different page while reading, then go back to your previous location.

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