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[Deal Alert] Galaxy Note8 dual-SIM down to just $624.99 ($275 off) on eBay

The dual-SIM Galaxy Note8 made its debut on eBay at $899.99, though it's been steadily dropping since then. Last time we posted, the phone was sitting at $699.99. Fast forward to now, though, and the price has fallen all the way to $624.99 - a full $275 off the original price.

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[Deal Alert] Verizon Wear24 smartwatch is just $49.99 again on eBay

The Verizon Wear24 is definitely one of the more interesting Wear smartwatches out there. Announced on the same day as the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport, it took three months to go on sale, four months after which it was permanently discontinued. Since then, we've seen it steadily dropping to insanely low prices, though the current figure of $49.99 does seem to be the bottom line. Nonetheless, it still represents the greatest value for money of any Android Wear/Wear OS watch.

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[Deal Alert] 15% off select eBay purchases of $50 or more, up to $50 off

It seems like every other week eBay releases a 10 or 15% off site-wide coupon. The time has come again, as a new Memorial Day promotion has started. Now you can get 15% off items from select sellers, as long as the product is $50 or more.

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[Deal Alert] Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S9+ drops to $699.99 on eBay

We're not even two months away from the first day the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ officially went on sale, but we've already seen plenty of deals on these smartphones. Both of Samsung's latest flagship phones are solid contenders for the contents of your wallet, and now the dual-SIM variant of the S9+ is here to tempt you at $699.99 on eBay. That's the lowest price we've seen so far.

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[Deal Alert] eBay offering free Google Home Mini with purchases of over $150

If you've been wishing you had bought more Google Home Minis back in 2017 when they were just $29.99 a pop, you're not alone. Costco recently offered a three-pack for $80, but that's since expired. But if you've got a cart of over $150 in items on eBay, you can score a free Home Mini at checkout. Can't beat free, right?

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[Deal Alert] 15% off eBay purchases of $50 or more, up to $100 off

eBay has been regularly spitting promotional coupons for discounted purchases in recent days. As good as the deals have been, they're also quite short-lived. So with today's May the 4th promotion offering 15% off purchases of $50 or more (up to a maximum $100 total discount), you'll probably want to act fast. If there's a laptop, phone, or even just a pair of linen summer shorts you've had on your watch list, today's the day to grab it. 

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Level On Wireless noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are $49.99 ($150 off) on eBay

As headphone jacks continue to disappear, Bluetooth audio options are becoming more and more relevant. Here's a good deal on one such option: Samsung's Level On Wireless headphones, normally $199.99, are 75 percent off at just $49.99 direct from Samsung on eBay.

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[Deal Alert] Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S9 $659.99 (SM-G960F/DS) on eBay

The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes in slightly different variants, depending on which part of the world it was intended to be sold in. Whereas the version designed for the US market comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip inside, Galaxy S9 devices sold internationally all feature Samsung's Exynos 9810 chips instead. Many consider the Exynos devices superior due to their edge in performance (and better development), but others prefer them because they're the only version that can be purchased with dual-SIM support.

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[Deal Alert] Fitbit Ionic down to $240 on eBay ($60 off)

The world of smartwatches is starting to dry up, and as sad as that is, I can't say that I'm surprised. However, there remain a few diamonds in the rough, one of which is on sale over on eBay. The Fitbit Ionic, in all three color variations, is going for $239.99, a nice $60 off. 

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[Deal Alert] Dual-SIM Galaxy S9+ down to $754.99 on eBay

For a couple of years now, Samsung has sold their flagships with Snapdragon chips in the US and Exynos chips everywhere else. The performance (and development, interestingly enough) is superior on the Exynos models nowadays, and the dual-SIM capabilities of these SM-G965F/DS variants can often come in handy. You can now pick up a dual-SIM S9+ for $754.99, which is lower than previous deals we've posted about.

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