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[Deal Alert] Get a Moto 360 Sport for just $99.99 on eBay (50% off)

It's not Black Friday yet, but it sure is starting to feel like it. We've seen a lot of deals for the Motorola Moto 360 Sport pop up recently; however, this is the best one yet. An eBay seller with 97.8% positive feedback and over 134k stars is offering up brand new 360 Sports for just $99.99 apiece.

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New eBay app update introduces categories to make finding products easier

The eBay app has improved greatly over the last few years, going from a jumbled, kind-of-holo mess to the much a better, usable app it is now. Today, eBay is announcing a new update that makes it easier to find what you are looking for by introducing new, improved categories.

screenshot_20161115-170548 screenshot_20161115-170612

Categories are basically what they say on the tin: a lot of items separated into 32 categories that then go down into second-level categories - for example, in 'Video Games & Consoles,' there are categories such as 'Manuals, Inserts & Box Art,' 'Strategy Guides & Cheats,' and 'Coin-Operated Gaming.' Inside the categories are products you would expect to find in them - I looked for some motorsport items, and pretty quickly found what I was looking for.

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Swappa increases fees for the first time since launch, ditches flat $10 per sale cost

Those of you who switch smartphones often have probably heard of Swappa, an online marketplace that people buy and sell mobile technology on. In the past few months, Swappa has been expanding to offer options to sell devices such as VR headsets, Chromebooks, and MacBooks. Now, for the first time since its launch back in 2010, the site is raising its sales fees.

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[Deal Alert] Get a refurbished Huawei Watch for just $159.99 from Newegg's eBay store

Android Wear deals are pretty abundant nowadays, and the fact that many major OEMs won't be releasing any new AW-powered smartwatches this year makes them even more appealing. Now, you can pick up a leather strap-equipped Huawei Watch refurb from Newegg's eBay store for just $159.99 - that's $40 less than Newegg's usual price for the refurbished Huawei Watch, and a whopping $190 less than the Watch's MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished ASUS ZenWatch 2 1.63" down to $79.99 on eBay

Android Wear is in a sort of a lull now. Beside the ZenWatch 3, no new significant watches have been announced in several months (there are the specialist Nixon, Polar, Michael Kors, etc, ones, but they cater to a niche market) and Android Wear 2.0's update has been pushed over to 2017. So now is one of the best times to grab an older watch that's been on the market for a while but that's still pretty decent in terms of specs.

One such deal is an ASUS ZenWatch 2, the larger 1.63" version. This one has the Snapdragon 400, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and a speaker.

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[Deal Alert] Get $20 off any $200+ phone on eBay with a promo code

Here at Android Police, we tell you readers about deals all the time, but we don't often showcase deals that can be applied to an item of your choice. Today, though, is different; eBay will give any buyer $20 off a smartphone purchase, provided that the phone in question is sold for more than $200, with a promo code.

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[Deal Alert] eBay has the international LG G5 for $400 ($200+ off retail price)

Okay, so the G5's modular design hasn't set the world on fire in quite the manner that LG probably hoped it would. But aside from some of the foibles of its unique form factor, it's still a high-end flagship device with some of the latest specs and a great camera. And if you chop the original retail price down, it turns into a pretty good deal. Such is the case with this eBay listing, which is selling the international model of the G5 for just $399.99.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung's oversized Galaxy View tablet is on sale for $349.99

Do you want an excessively large tablet? No? Well if you and more people did, maybe the Samsung Galaxy View would have sold better. Instead, we've watched the tablet steadily drop down from its original price point of $599.99. Today you can get the device on sale for nearly half the cost at $349.99.

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[Deal Alert] Pick up a new OnePlus 2 for $240 on eBay

If the Galaxy S7 deal from yesterday was out of your budget, you might wanna take a look at this one. The OnePlus 2 isn't the Shenzhen-based company's top dog anymore, but it's still a pretty decent smartphone. Now, you can pick one up in new condition from an eBay seller with 99.3% feedback on over 110k ratings for just $240.

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[Deal Alert] Get an international 16GB Nexus 5X for $199

As we quickly approach the dawn of the 2016 Nexus era, we should not so easily forget the Nexuses of yesteryear. Just yesterday, we brought you a deal for a 32GB Nexus 5X via Groupon. Prices for the old budget-friendly Nexus are dropping quickly. Google Fi has had some good (and some outright fantastic) Nexus offers, but those have been US-only. Now, we have a similar price for international Nexus users. From eBay, you can score a 16GB Nexus 5X for $199.99 in all three colors. This is $150 less than what Google charges. 16GB of internal storage may not be enough for everyone (myself included), but for others, 16GB works just fine.

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