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Grab Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live for just $140 ($30 off) while supplies last

Wireless earbuds might not be a dime a dozen, but there are many, many options in the marketplace right now for your perusal. Perhaps you like putting some kidneys into your ear canals? Samsung has you covered with the Galaxy Buds Live and so has eBay with a great deal right now.

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Buy a brand-new, dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for $830 on eBay

Samsung unveiled the S20 Ultra earlier this year as the most premium offering in its S range of devices. Despite boasting big specs, it was tough to recommend at the MSRP of $1,400. We initially gave the S20 Ultra a 7/10 rating, but later lowered that to 6/10 due to the cost and mediocre camera performance. It's a lot more attractive right now, thanks to a top-rated eBay seller offering brand new, factory unlocked models for just $829.99.

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Grab an international Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra as low as $980 on eBay

Some people are always looking for a way to get the best and newest for cheaper and there are those who are able to provide it. eBay seller sobeonline1 is one of those providers and they have just provided the Galaxy Note20 Ultra in its international, dual-SIM, 256GB form, for $150 off the price of the 128GB U.S., single-SIM version.

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Sprint Galaxy S20 discounted to $650 ($350 off) on eBay

Yes, we know Sprint is going the way of the dodo soon, but the Galaxy S20 is one of the only phones Sprint customers should still consider buying. A reputable eBay seller is currently offering new units of the Sprint S20 for $649.99 a pop, which is $350 off MSRP.

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Forget the expensive Note20 and pick up Samsung's dual-SIM Galaxy S10+ for just $550 on eBay

Samsung may have unveiled some fancy new phones yesterday, but that doesn't mean the old ones are any less good. The Galaxy S10+ was released last spring, and now it's on sale for a mere $549.99 at eBay. Samsung still sells the US version for around $850, so this is a solid discount on a device with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

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Snag a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note9 for just $390 on eBay right now

Samsung's Galaxy Note series offers some of the best specs and biggest screens you'll find on a smartphone. When we reviewed the Note9 back in 2018, we called it "the best smartphone you can buy." Even though it's no longer the new kid on the block, it's still a great package that includes a Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage — and you can pick up a manufacturer refurbished model on eBay for just $389.99 right now.

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Get an open-box Verizon Galaxy S20 Ultra for only $980 ($420 off) from eBay

Calling the S20 Ultra a troubled device is an understatement. A lackluster camera and underwhelming design coupled with a ridiculously high price tag made it a hard phone to recommend. Despite those flaws, I really like my S20 Ultra, which I've had since launch. The build quality is incredible, and the display and battery life are, in my opinion, unparalleled. eBay is currently selling this phone open-box for $980, which still makes this an expensive smartphone. But if you're already eyeing the Ultra, a $420 discount is something you can't miss.

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Dual-SIM Galaxy Note10 going fast on eBay at $610 ($89 off)

We've got a month left before the Galaxy Note20 phones make their way to store shelves, but if you're looking to maximize your value on a smartphone purchase, perhaps you should look to a Galaxy Note10. New, dual-SIM international units are currently on sale for $610, but you might need to act now to get this price.

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Snag an international Galaxy S20+ for $680 ($520 off) at eBay

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ is the Goldilocks of the S20 series it's not as compact as the smaller S20, and not as chunky as the S20 Ultra, but packs a spec sheet that's just right. Even so, being "just right" doesn't quite justify its steep price tag. If you've been hesitant to fork out the big money, there's a great opportunity to buy a brand-new, international model S20+ for $680 ($520 off) on eBay right now.

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Open box first-gen Galaxy Buds are $65 (50% off) on eBay

Samsung's latest Galaxy Buds+ are some of our favorite true wireless earbuds, but we shouldn't forget the original Galaxy Buds either. Although they lack some of the fancy new features found in this year's model, they still sound and feel great. They arguably even look better, thanks to a matte finish as opposed to the gloss of the Buds+. The price difference between the two models is usually only $20, but eBay is currently selling open-box first-gen Buds for only $65 (50% off).

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