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[No Ice Cream For You] The Latest Version Of Google Maps Has A Hilarious Easter Egg

You've been driving for two hours, and you've got at least two more. You're tired of sitting behind the wheel and you want to stop and stretch your legs, but that just delays the inevitable. There aren't any alternatives, so you soldier on as that robotic voice of Google Maps occasionally pipes up to let you know there's a turn in 2 miles.

Hey, wait a minute, why does she get to tell you what to do? You gave her a phone, a data plan, and you're driving her around. You're taking care of her, so why does she act like the one in charge?

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Solid Explorer 2.0 Comes With A Goat Mode Easter Egg

Are you a goat? You can be one just by tapping a few things in the new Solid Explorer 2.0 to activate goat mode. Okay, you're not really going to be a goat, just like tapping the Android build number to activate developer mode doesn't make you a developer. Still, it's pretty funny.

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[APK Teardown] Drive v2.2.183 Enables Color-Shifting Easter Egg And Really Does Contain A Command Line Interface

Google let loose with a torrent of updates yesterday, many of which offered little more than bug fixes and fairly small changes. Drive and its lineup of editors made the list with a few improvements, but not much to get excited about. However, a little digging around revealed that a previously seen Easter egg has finally been enabled. Also turning up is one of the most shocking features yet, an actual terminal. The power users are going to love this.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete evidence. It's possible that the guesses made here are totally and completely wrong.
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The Latest Set Of Animated Easter Eggs In Google Hangouts Are For... Easter

Hangouts has recently made a habit of adding a little flair to every holiday with some Easter eggs. While most of the year you would know what I mean by Easter egg, let's be clear that I am referring to those hidden little gimmicks that you might stumble upon in software. But, this weekend, I also mean the other kind of Easter egg. Hangouts has come full circle by adding Easter eggs for Easter that are actually Easter eggs. Say that fives times fast!

EasterEgg1 EasterEgg2 EasterEgg3

As some of you send your well wishes for the Easter holiday over the weekend, you and your recipient will be greeted with these little bits of fun.

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Hangouts' Easter Eggs Help You End Your April Fools Pranks On A Funny Note

Did you just conduct a small or elaborate prank on your friends, family members, or coworkers? If so, and if you were talking to them on Hangouts, the moment you decide to reveal your true intentions and the nature of the prank, you'll be helped by a selection of easter egg animations. That should soften the blow — potentially.

hangouts-april-fools-3 hangouts-april-fools-1 hangouts-april-fools-2

So far, we've seen a clown, a joker (or jester or fool), and an emoji disguised in eyeglasses and a mustache. The animations are triggered by typing, "Happy April Fools," but there may be other variations on the term that work as well. Just remember, one funny laughing face does not make a bad prank good.

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Google Celebrates St. Patrick's Day With A Few Hangouts Easter Eggs

In what is becoming a tradition of sorts, Google is not letting an American holiday go by without a corresponding Hangouts Easter egg. When messages contain certain trigger words, users are greeted with corresponding animations to add a little spice to the conversation. Since their debut, we've seen the animated emoji people bring in the new year and celebrate Valentine's Day. Add St. Patrick's Day to the list! I've spotted three different versions so far.




Both sender and recipient should be greeted by these little leprechauns. Don't worry, the recipient won't see the animation until they open the app to read your message.

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Google Has Planted Secret Codes You Can Redeem For I/O 2014 Tickets All Over The Place - Let The Hunt Begin

The lottery situation with Google I/O this year means nobody is guaranteed entry. Google knows this. And it's Google we're talking about. So they planted a bunch of secret codes you can redeem for a guaranteed I/O ticket. The hunt is already on, and some lucky folks have already won.

Correction: You don't win free tickets, but rather a guaranteed opportunity to buy them.

Good scavenger hunts are tough, and the best ones don't even announce the rules. I had to piece the information together from various tips, by talking to winners, and crawling the web. Thankfully, at least the rules of Fight Club didn't apply here.

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Konami Code Easter Egg Discovered In Google Play Games

In the realm of nerdy Easter Eggs, the Konami Code is a long-time favorite. It shows up in various games and websites, offering a bit of nostalgia each time. Leave it to Google to have a little fun with the Konami Code on Android. Just a few swipes, and you've unlocked a secret achievement in the new Google Play Games app.

2013-07-25 21.13.21 2013-07-25 21.13.28

In the Google Play Games app, simply swipe the following directions: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. The app will then provide you with a button popup to finish up the code with B, A, Start. For your trouble you get an achievement called "All your game are belong to us."

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Google Announces More Details For I/O Registration, Adds Awesome Easter Eggs To Get Into The Spirit

In the lead up to registration for I/O 2013, Google wants to make sure everybody is ready for the frenzied ticket grab that is scheduled for March 13th at 7:AM PT. To help prepare hopeful attendees, the company has posted some new details and a few reminders. Like last year, you need both a Google+ account and Google Wallet account to make your purchase. Ticket prices are remaining steady at $900 for general admission and $300 for those that qualify for an academic discount. There's also new information for travel planning, event details, schedules, and child care (a first for I/O), all of which are covered in the FAQ page.

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Easter Is Here! For Angry Birds, At Least

Yesterday we showed you the trailer for Angry Birds Seasons: Easter Eggs, noting that the expected update should hit the Market some time this week. I guess for Rovio Mobile, "some time this week" translates to "first thing Monday morning" - it's available for download now.

ss-0-320-480-160-6-1b7638493d1ef36664e85f9fc630c069536645ce ss-1-320-480-160-6-56978013d918d2abd6fb62b1a13e6df31cfb55f5

The update adds 15 new levels, as well as 3 bonus levels and tons of Easter Eggs, so head over to the Android Market and grab it.  

Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Seasons
Price: To be announced

Source: Android Market

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