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[Update: More] Animated Google Doodle shows up in homescreen search widget and Discover feed

Doodles are becoming one of the rare manifestations of Google's funky side. With the company becoming more serious and losing its witty approach to things, Doodles still remind us, from time to time, that there is still a playful child hiding inside that grown-up adult. But many Android users don't notice the genius behind the daily Doodle because they just use the search widget on their homescreen. Google has found a workaround for that.

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[Deal Alert] Google Lowers Price Of Independence Day Movie To $0.99 To Mark Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. It’s that time of the year when we consider the impact human behavior has on the environment and the changes we can make to better look after it. Well, some of us at least. Google Play Movies is marking the occasion by lowering the price of Independence Day – a movie where Earth is invaded and very nearly destroyed by extraterrestrials – to just $0.99.

Although almost twenty years old, Independence Day is an enduring timeless sci-fi classic which is still eminently watchable. It features a star-studded cast of Hollywood icons, including Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith, and Bill Pullman, and probably the most egregious example of product placement ever seen in the cinema.

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