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Earn To Die 2 Speeds Through Several Dozen Zombies And Crashes Into The Play Store

Earn to Die 2 is a game where you drive your car through hordes of undead. I don't need to tell you why that is fun. The first one saw over 5 million installs, so many of you already know what this is about.

The sequel still tasks you with driving your way out of a zombie apocalypse. You will speed through brain-eaters in sports cars and mow them down in trucks.

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[New Game] iOS Hit Earn To Die Comes To Android, All The Zombies You Can Run Over For $1.19 Or Less

Do you like killing zombies? Do you like driving cars equipped with various weapons, armor, and ramming tools a la Mad Max? Then you may already have heard of Earn To Die - a popular iOS and web Flash game that lets you satisfy both of your urges in one fell zombiecarpocalypse.

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Earn To Die's premise is simple: kill zombies, and do so with your roided-out killing machine of a automobile.

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