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TWRP now supports OnePlus 5T, Moto G5 Plus, and more

The OnePlus 5T is without a doubt an enthusiast phone. And what good would an enthusiast phone be without an available custom recovery? TWRP has just added support for the 5T, as well as the Moto G5 Plus and a few other devices.

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The HTC One E9 Will Reportedly Be A Phablet With A Quad HD 5.5-Inch Screen, 3GB RAM, And 8-Core MediaTek SoC

If the M9 reveal didn't impress you, HTC looks ready to start going after other segments of the market. Through a constellation of leaks and rumors, it seems quite clear that we will soon see a phone called the E9 by HTC that won't be a mere update to last year's E8. Instead, it will be a true phablet that appears nestled somewhere between the high end and mid-range. Here's what you came here for:


This image surfaced on the website of the TENAA, China's regulatory agency that is roughly equivalent to the FCC, along with a bare minimum specifications that indicate the phone will have a 5.5 inch screen, a 2800 mAh battery, and will be 7.54mm thick (or should I say thin?).

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