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Hisense is bringing color e-ink screens to smartphones, but maybe it shouldn't

Your smartphone's screen is a glutton. Sure, it may be beautiful, high-res, and with action as smooth as silk, but every second you're staring at it your phone's battery is just ravenously being sucked dry. Manufacturers have been working since smartphones existed to mitigate that problem, but progress has been a series of baby steps. Now a new tech promises to turn screen power consumption on its head, adapting the sort of low-power B&W e-ink screen you'll find on devices like Kindles to show a full range of colors.

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[MWC 2014] Yota Devices Announces The New YotaPhone, Now With Full Touch-Enabled Rear E-Ink Panel

I honestly think the YotaPhone was one of the coolest smartphone innovations of 2013, and while I wouldn't exactly be the first in line to buy a device from an unproven OEM, Yota Devices has once again piqued my curiosity with their announcement of the "next generation" YotaPhone here at MWC.


The new YotaPhone solves what was arguably the biggest problem with the original's otherwise innovative concept - interacting with the e-Ink display. On the old device, this was done via a series of gestures on a touchpad along the bottom of the e-Ink panel. On the new YotaPhone, the panel is fully touch-enabled, eliminating the need for that less than perfect workaround.

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[CES 2013] The Dual-Screen YotaPhone Is Probably The Coolest Idea At This Year's Otherwise Lame CES (Hands-On)

This year's CES sucks. But that doesn't mean there can't be a few genuinely cool things floating around out there in an otherwise dull ocean of 4K and touchscreens. Case in point: YotaPhone, which sadly isn't even on the CES show floor at all. We covered the announcement of the YotaPhone, but really, seeing and using it in person does the idea so much more justice.

On paper, it seems pretty straightforward: a phone with a screen on both sides. A traditional LCD panel on the front, and an e-ink display on the back. In fact, it sounds incredibly gimmicky on paper - a crazy idea bound to be clunky and poorly executed.

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