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Amazon India now supports a Hindi version of its mobile storefront

Google isn't the only American tech giant improving on its Indian language support — Amazon has now launched a Hindi version of its Indian app and mobile website. It will be the first among India's other major e-commerce platforms to offer an Indian language version.

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Google announces strategic partnership with Chinese online retailer

The Chinese market is notoriously difficult for American businesses to thrive in, and that's as true in technology as in any other industry. Google is clearly keen to increase its standing there, however, and has just announced a new partnership with one of the country's largest online retailers.

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54, Along With Android App, Launches To Become Your Internet Shopping Destination And We Have A Code For A Free Year Of Membership

After a long period of fundraising and secretive planning, has officially launched to the general public. Founded by Quidsi founders and former Amazon employees, the new retailer values one thing over everything else: have the lowest prices on the web and be the lowest by a noticeable margin. While that may sound like the same thing everyone promises, has a truly interesting way of making it happen. If Amazon is the Wal-Mart of e-commerce, will be more like the Costco.

Check out the YouTube video above for a quick rundown of how it all works. First of all,

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