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Google Assistant gets improved voice models for Dutch, Indian English, Indonesian, Norwegian, and Japanese

Google Assistant is an incredibly powerful tool in the US, and as of late, the personal helper is getting better all around the globe with an ever-growing number of supported languages and actions. This goes hand in hand with Google's recent announcement that it wants to massively expand Assistant all over the world, which has already led to a plethora of new and improved languages. Now, another round of updated and new voices have arrived for even broader international support.

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Assistant Smart Displays can now speak Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish

Even though intelligent speakers can converse in an impressive thirteen languages, smart displays weren't as fast in completing their curriculum. Indeed, although they could initially interact exclusively in English, they've recently learned French and German as Lenovo launched its products in these two countries. Last week, users reported their devices started speaking Portuguese, Polish, and Hindi. However, these weren't mentioned on the company's support pages and could only be used as a second language. Nevertheless, Google just added four Northern European dialects to its list of officially supported languages, meaning they can be used as the primary tongue on smart displays.

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[Update: Assistant actions get new voices on March 4th] Google Assistant improves support for French, German, Korean, and other languages

As with most of Google's products, Assistant is an incredibly powerful tool in the United States, but its functionality is limited in other countries. This is understandable, since there are dozens of other major languages worldwide with countless dialects, and speech recognition for each variation can take a while to develop. At Mobile World Congress, Google announced a massive expansion for Assistant's language support.

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Google Assistant is now available in Dutch

Hallo, Android Police Dutch readers! We know there are many of you and you've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Ever since The Netherlands showed up on the list of countries due to get Assistant sometime this year and Actions on Google added support for the Dutch language, you've been patiently waiting for the news to become official and today it has — Proficiat!

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Samsung wins update lawsuit in the Netherlands, won't be required to provide four-year update periods for its phones

It's been a long time in the making, but the lawsuit by non-profit consumer group Consumentenbond against Samsung in the Netherlands has finally ended. The Dutch court has ruled in Samsung's favor, saying that the Consumentenbond's claims could not be enforced due to potentially unforeseen circumstances.

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Dutch case against Samsung for lack of updates finally heads to court

Early in 2016, it was revealed that Samsung was being sued in the Netherlands for failing to update its phones. The Consumentenbond—a Dutch non-profit promoting consumer protection—was taking Samsung to court for, among other things, not adequately providing two years of updates from the time of purchase. According to Telecompaper, the case is now being heard. 

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Actions on Google adds 7 new languages, deeper Android app integration, geolocation, and cuts down on introductions

Actions on Google, the developer backbone behind third-party Google Assistant integrations, is getting more and more capable with time. Last time we saw it get updated, it learned new languages, got better discoverability for the apps, and added notifications, a personalized experience, and more. With this new update, there's even more in tow, so let's get started.

First, in conjunction with the news that Assistant is adding 30 new languages, 7 of which are launching soon, developers can now create actions in these same languages: Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Thai. Along with the 9 existing languages, this makes the total 16, but Google knows that the mere fact that a language is supported isn't enough to get all the developers on board.

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Google Assistant may support 38 more countries and 17 more languages in 2018

Google's Assistant and Assistant-powered hardware are a huge convenience, but the limited markets and languages for both have been anything but convenient for many. While Google has been slowly rolling out new countries for Home hardware and more languages for the Assistant over the last year or so, it looks like the company is gearing up to expand its footprint significantly. In a leaked slide from a presentation at the DNI (Digital News Initiative) summit in Amsterdam, Google revealed a literal map of its upcoming plans.

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Dutch town Bodegraven runs a traffic light trial for "zombie" smartphone users

We're all probably guilty of it at some point. We're looking at our phones and we get so engrossed with what's on the screen that we forget the world around us. What we may not all be guilty of though, but that many people still do, is looking at phones while walking on the street, and even worse, while crossing the street. That "zombie" behavior not only endangers the pedestrian doing it, but also the incoming drivers, other pedestrians, and everyone on the road.

Dutch town Bodegraven is starting a trial for a new traffic light that wants to solve that issue by providing more visual feedback for smartphone users in an angle that makes sense to them: down on the floor.

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Samsung Gets Sued For Lack Of Updates In The Netherlands, Says Stagefright Is 'A Theoretical Problem'

People are upset at phone manufacturers for taking their sweet time sending out software updates. That's understandable. It's why commenters laughed at Sony for releasing Android 5.1 to some of its phones several months after Marshmallow was available. It's why customers are pissed that Motorola isn't standing by some of its cheaper handsets. And apparently it's why a consumer advocacy group is suing Samsung in the Netherlands. reports (via auto-translation, so please forgive any small errors) that the Dutch Consumentenbond is taking Samsung to civil court over a lack of consistent updates to its Android-powered phones.

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