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Google is pulling faulty Duo v30 update due to low call volume bug

If you've noticed low volume levels in calls after updating to the latest version of Duo, don't worry; you're not alone (well, not amongst Duo users). Google has begun to pull Duo v30 and is now reverting everyone back to v29.2.

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[Update: Fully rolled out] Voicemail-like video messages come to Duo (APK Download)

Duo's getting a handy new feature today that allows users to leave messages when their calls go unanswered. If the person on the receiving end misses or declines a call, the caller will now be able to record a clip to be reviewed later.

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Google app v7.20 beta hints at custom hotwords, prepares Duo account linking for smart displays, podcast download management, and more [APK Teardown]

It's time for another Google app update. The beta release of v7.20 follows the trend of making few changes to the interface or functions, but there's a lot to see in a teardown. Thanks to resources harvested from the app, there are clues pointing to a new hotword to wake the Assistant, which may finally mean custom hotwords. We can also see more updates for smart displays and podcast management. There may even be a redesigned order tracking feature coming that keeps better track of status changes.

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Google Duo v26 begins testing H.265, continues work on Google sign-in and videomail, and removes camera test settings [APK Teardown]

The Duo team began rolling out v26 today, but this one doesn't have any obvious changes, so it may be a service update. A teardown is also fairly sparse, mostly calling back to some older topics, including the upcoming feature for sending video messages when connections can't be made on the spot, the removal of some camera adjustments used in development, and the start of H.265 testing. Since there's not a lot of meat to most topics, they'll be kept pretty short. Of course, if you stumble across anything new, let us know in the comments!

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Duo calls can now be made with some users that don't have it installed, Allo chats also improved

Google recently began rolling out a slightly updated look to the contact list on the Duo video calling app. Alongside this fun rearrangement of pixels, there was also a very real, very significant change made: You can now call people that haven't installed or registered with Duo in the past. It works almost exactly like a normal Duo call, including the Knock-Knock feature.

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Google Duo is getting an updated contact panel with suggestions and full contact list merged into one

One thing is certain in life: Google apps are going to get regular interface tweaks. Okay, somebody might have said something about death and taxes, but we all know at least one of those can be avoided with the right accountant, but I digress. Google appears to be testing some new interface changes to the contact list in Duo. These are essentially cosmetic changes, but they serve to make the list a bit more fluid and streamlined, as well.

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Google's Head of Product for Allo and Duo moves to Facebook

Amit Fulay served as a Product Manager at Google since 2010, most recently as Head of Product for Real-Time Communications. In other words, he was the head of Allo, Duo, WebRTC, and other projects within the company. Fulay announced on Twitter today that he has left Google, and now works at Facebook.

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