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Micromax phones will be the first to come with Google Duo pre-installed

I would argue that Duo is a better product than Allo, at least in this early stage. Duo makes video chatting as simple as possible, and the result is a simple but easy to use application. Micromax, an Indian electronics company, has announced that four phones they are releasing in the near future will have Duo pre-installed.

Micromax didn't reveal too much about the phones, besides that they will be LTE-capable and will be under $100 USD. Google Product Manager Amit Fulay has said, "In the first month alone we have seen over 10 million downloads, with US and India being among the top countries." It seems like Google is betting on the growing 4G network in India to help make Duo a success.

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Google Allo may launch this week, according to Evan Blass [Update: Maybe 9/21]

Google Duo and Allo, the company's latest messaging applications, were announced back at Google I/O this year. Only Duo has been released to the public, and as I'm sure you all know, Google has been silent about the release date for Allo apart from a summer release. With the first day of fall coming on September 22, time is running out to meet the deadline.

Evan Blass, more famously known as @evleaks on Twitter, posted a tweet saying only "Hello, Allo (launches this week)." That's it.

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[Not Allo] Google starts advertising Duo on the homepage

Google rarely advertises anything on the homepage. Most of the time the ads consist of single-line text banners about a new Nexus device or donating to disaster relief. They were the subject of much criticism in 2012 when they used an animated advertisement (for the Nexus 7) on the homepage for the first time.

Google is once again using its influence as the homepage for millions of users - this time to promote Duo. If you visit the Google homepage at the time of writing, you can see a text banner that reads, "Face-to-face with just a tap. Try Duo, simple video calling for Android and iOS."

Google appears to be making a large marketing push for Duo, just recently they published a series of advertisements on their YouTube channel.

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Google made some cute advertisements for Duo, seriously they're adorable

One trend I've noticed with Google over the years is that they don't usually advertise on TV. There's been some commercials for the Nexus devices over the years, and recently some ads for Google Photos, but not much else. Google just uploaded a series of ads for Google Duo, their new video chat application, and they're absolutely adorable. Check them out:

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Weekend poll: Are you using Google Duo? Do you like it?

The visual half of Google's two new communication apps, Duo, is now out for basically everybody. We're curious: are you using it? How are you liking it so far? Things to commend? To complain about? To suggest? That one thing you think would make Duo into a killer video chat app?

Let's talk about it.

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Google Duo now #1 in Top Free chart, available globally

Just two days after it first began to roll out, Google's Duo has already become the number one free app in the Play Store. The video chatting app, which received an icon redesign just before it went live, has proven to be extremely popular with Android users. In addition, it is now possible to use Duo in any country (well, any country that Google provides its services to).

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Google's video chat app Duo will support audio-only calls soon

Google finally released Duo the other day nearly three months after announcing it. The pitch for Duo at I/O was that it makes video chat really quick and easy—it makes video chat simple, but what about audio calls? A Googler says that's coming too.

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[Update: SMS Verification Working In More Countries] Google's Duo video chat app is rolling out in the Play Store [APK Download]

Google announced the Duo video chat app (and the messaging app Allo) at Google I/O this year, saying only that we'd see the final release later this summer. Well, here we are. Google Duo is beginning its global rollout right now. It's still showing as "pre-registration" for us right now, but it's finally happening. No sign of Allo yet.

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Google planning to focus Hangouts on business consumers after Allo, Duo release

Just a few hours ago, Google started the rollout for the first of its two new messaging apps, Duo. For me and some of us here, the Play Store listing still shows "Pre-Registration," but this is the typical Google way. As a refresher, Google is releasing the dynamic messaging duo (ha) to compete in this mobile-first market. Both the text-based Allo and the video-based Duo will be tied to a phone number instead of a Google account. This, obviously, directly contests with Hangouts, Google's all-in-one messaging platform, and is more in line with services like WhatsApp.


Earlier, Google announced that they would be transitioning Hangouts On Air into YouTube Live, separating the feature from Google+.

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Allo and Duo's new app icons are much nicer, more consistent with other Google products

After reading that title, you may already be thinking to yourself "but Google already changed the Allo and Duo icons once, didn't they?" And yes, they did, around two months ago. Those icons were, to put it gently, dull. To put it less than gently? They kind of sucked. I can't think of a single app on the Play Store published by Google that incorporates the product wordmark into the icon aside from Android Pay and Google+, and the latter is arguable.

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