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Card Crawl Mixes Solitaire And Monster Fighting For A Charming And Strategic Indie Experience

Solitaire and sword-and-sorcery fantasy wouldn't seem like an obvious combination, but the rookie Android game from Arnold Rauers does just that. Card Crawl has you facing a giant troll in an oddball card game, mixing elements of solitaire, battle card games like Magic the Gathering, and roguelike dungeon crawlers. It's an interesting little game that lends itself towards more strategy than might be immediately apparent.

Here's the gist: your opponent is the "deck," and he gives you 54 random cards three at a time.

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DotEmu Will Bring PC Dungeon Crawler Titan Quest To Android Later This Year

Have I mentioned lately that DotEmu is awesome? Because it is, and not just because it's the only Android game developer that sounds like a dating service for flightless birds. The company specializes in porting old console and PC games to Android and iOS, perfectly preserving graphics and game mechanics while adding great extras like controller support and Google Play Games integration. At the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles, DotEmu announced that its next release will be Titan Quest.

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[Game Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Games Of April 2015

If you want to play classic ports or new PC games on your phone or tablet, then April was definitely your month. Between the blockbuster adventure game Broken Age and classics like Ys, there's a lot of non-mobile goodness to go around. But don't worry: there are a few original games to investigate as well, notably Implosion and the third entry in the Sorcery series. Here in no particular order are our top picks, along with some honorable mentions.

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TinyKeep Spruces Up The Tired Dungeon Crawler Genre With Impressive Graphics And Physical Controls

There are a lot of solid dungeon crawlers available in the Play Store - my personal favorite is probably Mage Gauntlet. But whether it's because of the general trend towards the retro visual style or simply because it's easier to implement on mobile, most of them use a top-down 2D pixelated visual style. Not so for TinyKeep. The premiere Android game from developer Digital Tribe bucks those trends for a high-end take on the genre.

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Taichi Panda Mixes Solid Dungeon Crawler Co-Op Gameplay With Action Controls And In-App Purchases

Apparently Blizzard isn't the only game developer that had a burst of inspiration after a late-night cable viewing of Kung Fu Panda. Taichi Panda is the first game from the American arm of Chinese publisher Snail Games. This dungeon crawler won't break the mold in any particular way, but it's a solid top-down action game with online multiplayer baked into its core mechanics. Oh, and there are fighting pandas in it.

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LEGO Brings Its BIONICLE Line To The Play Store As A Free Game With No In-App Purchases

I have fond memories of bringing home multiple LEGO Bionicle sets when I was 12. Apparently the half building block, half action figure toys are still around and gearing for a big relaunch this year, and a new video game is here to go along with the new toys. Bionicle is a basic top-down action title that pits players against stylized LEGO monsters in a color-coded legend staring six "Toa" heroes.

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Battleheart Developer Mika Mobile Returns To Android With Dungeon Crawler 'Battleheart Legacy'

Update: It looks like the developer had some initial problems and has temporarily pulled the game. It should be back up soon.

Back in early 2012, mobile game developer Mika Mobile made the public and controversial decision to stop creating games for Android.

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[New Game] The Popular And Punishingly Difficult Dungeon Crawler Wayward Souls Arrives On Android

Noodlecake has brought developer Rocketcat's Wayward Souls over to Android, enabling waves of new players to experience this challenging action adventure game. This title, which takes inspiration from the likes of Spelunky and Secret of Mana, pushes players out onto the floor of a randomly generated dungeon and wishes them the best, all while pounding them with horde after horde of enemies and challenging bosses. It's a fast experience that's easy to dive into and just as easy to get kicked back out of.

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[Bonus Round] Rogue: Beyond The Shadows, Scrap Tank, And Dawn of the Plow

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got a sneaky dungeon crawler, a bullet-filled tank shooter, and a snowplow simulator that will fire you at the drop of a beanie.

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[New Game] Dungeon Crawler Archangel Is Inspired By Diablo And Powered By Unity

Blizzard released Diablo seventeen years ago, and its effect on the dungeon crawler genre is still being felt. Take Archangel for example: ostensibly a technical demo for the cross-platform Unity game engine, this title could have used almost any kind of format to show off its graphical prowess. Instead it's a pretty brazen Diablo clone, including the supernatural themes and "kill everything that moves" gameplay.

Maybe that's a little harsh - the trailer does show off some special moves that can only be activated via touchscreen gestures, in a sort of mobile translation of the brush attacks from console favorite Okami.

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