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DualBoot Games Awakens To Create This Celestial 3D Watch Face For Wear

DualBoot Games, the makers of the Live Wallpapers that our team had taken a shine to back in 2012-2013, have been in a deep slumber for many moons. But they have just risen up (the forced metaphors will make sense in a bit, trust me) and released, of all things, an Android Wear watch face: Celestial 3D.

Celestial builds on DualBoot Games' animations and design capabilities to create one of most impressive and intricate watch faces I have seen on Wear so far.

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DualBoot Games' Latest Live Wallpaper Brings The Forest To Your Homescreen

If you just can't get enough of the calm, serene, zen-filled scenery of the deep forest, DualBoot Games' latest live wallpaper should help get your inner peace in check. Simply called Forest HD, this live wallpaper brings that famous DBG quality to your homescreen once again. Take a look:

At the current time there are only a couple of themes included, but several more, including a Field Pack, Stream Pack, and Customization Pack are "coming soon."

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[Deal Alert] All Of DualBoot Games' Beautiful (And Highly Customizable) Live Wallpapers Are 50% Off

While I've never been much of a live wallpaper guy myself, there's little denying that DualBoot Games (I'm guessing the name is a holdover) makes some of the best and prettiest ones out there. At least, that seems to be the general consensus, judging by the number of downloads their seven wallpaper designs have managed to achieve.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

You may say "only seven? how hard can making a live wallpaper be?"

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DualBoot Games Releases Ocean HD, Its Latest Live Wallpaper To Hit The Play Store

Despite what its name suggests, DualBoot Games actually makes some of the best live wallpapers around. We've featured several of their offerings before, and the newest one to hit the LWP realm could be the best one yet.


It's called Ocean HD, and as you've probably already guessed, it takes you down into the deep blue for a beautifully elegant and serene aquatic scene. Since it's a live wallpaper, it's fully customizable and interactive.

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Put Love In The Air With The New Valentine's Day HD Live Wallpaper From DualBoot Games

If you're a fan of live wallpapers and holidays, then you probably love holiday-themed live wallpapers, no? That also probably means you're still rocking DualBoot Games' Christmas LWP while waiting for a new holiday to coat your homescreens in. Good news! Valentine's Day is right around the corner and DualBoot Games has once again delivered the LWP goods that you so desperately crave.

unnamed unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (4)

Like DB's previous wallpapers, V-Day HD is filled with customization options, including the ability to add pictures of your love into a frame atop the wine-filled table, crack the bubbly in a romantic location such as Paris, place a gift with a personalized message on the table, and so much more.

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