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[Deal Alert] New unlocked dual SIM international Exynos Galaxy S8 (G950FD) and S8+ (G955FD) on eBay for $670 and $770

Samsung's latest flagship may be new, but it is quickly becoming affordable. And if you happen to be in the market for an unlocked dual SIM international model, then you are in luck. Today over at eBay you can pick up both the Galaxy S8 (G950FD) and Galaxy S8+ (G955FD) for a pretty great deal, at $670 and $770, respectively. In addition to being unlocked international phones, they are also using Exynos chipsets, if that happens to appeal to you. Color choices for the phones are gold, black, and gray.

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[Deal Alert] Get an Exynos-powered dual SIM Galaxy S8+ for $804.99 (no tax except in CA/FL)

Here in the States, we get the Snapdragon 835 chip and a single nanoSIM slot in our Galaxy S8 smartphones. But should you want the more mod-friendly Exynos 8895 chipset (ironic) and/or an extra SIM slot, a little site called eBay can help you out. A newer but reputable seller has the SM-G955FD variant of the Galaxy S8+ for $804.99, with no tax in most states.

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[Deal Alert] New dual-sim international unlocked Galaxy S8 (G950FD) on eBay, $730 for Exynos and $820 for Qualcomm

If you have been waiting for a deal on the dual-sim variety of the Galaxy S8, then you are in luck. Whether you need it for travel, work, or novelty, availability is starting to pick up. Right now over at eBay, you can grab the dual-sim Exynos version for a cool $730, and the Qualcomm variant runs $820, both of which are less than the inflated prices at places like Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] eBay has the Galaxy S7 Duos for $470, Galaxy S7 Edge Duos for $520 (gold only)

Something about the international Duos (dual-SIM) models of Samsung's Galaxy phones makes them ripe for discounts, especially on eBay. We start seeing good deals on these phones a few weeks after release, and they only get better with time. Case in point: today one vendor is offering both the standard Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge, both in Duos flavors, both for hundreds of dollars off of MSRP. The S7 Duos is just $469.99 while the S7 Edge Duos is $519.99.

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[Deal Alert] eBay has an unlocked Galaxy S7 Edge Duos for just $590, the lowest price yet

These days a $600 smartphone isn't exactly a deal, it's where the high-end portion of the market transitions into the super-expensive area that most people won't buy (unless they get sweet-talked by a carrier "payment plan"). So if you've balked at Samsung's stratospheric $800 asking price for the Galaxy S7 Edge, now's your chance to grab an unlocked version of the phone - with dual SIM capability, no less - for a much more reasonable price. One eBay vendor is selling them for $589.99. That's the lowest we've seen for this model.

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[Deal Alert] The Galaxy S7 Edge Duos is on eBay for just $620, almost $300 off

What is it about the Duos (read: dual-SIM) version of Samsung flagships that makes them get discounted on such a regular basis? Whatever the reason, deal hunters appreciate the incongruity. After several sales already, an eBay vendor is offering the international 32GB dual-SIM version of the Galaxy S7 Edge for just $619.99. That's new, not refurbished, and it's a little less than three hundred dollars off the price of the same phone at retail. Go forth, penny-pinchers, and save.

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[Update: Deal Is Back] Deal Alert: eBay Offers The Galaxy S7 Duos (Dual SIM) For $529.99, $170 Off Retail

Yesterday I mentioned that flagship phones tend to drop in street price surprisingly quickly. Thank you, eBay sellers, for proving my point. Today the Galaxy S7 Duos, the dual-SIM version of Samsung's yearly upgrade, is just $529.99 on eBay for a new (not used or refurbished) phone. The prices for the Duos model aren't very consistent in dollars, but this unlocked GSM phone is almost $170 off the retail price of the single-SIM model at AT&T.

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[Deal Alert] eBay Has A Galaxy S7 Edge Duos For $650 ($150 Off Retail) With Free US Shipping

All flagship phones tend to get better and better prices the farther out you get from the release date, but Samsung's latest crop seems to be dropping in price especially fast. For example, one eBay merchant is offering a 32GB Galaxy S7 Edge Duos for just $649.99, a solid $150 off the retail price (or much more, depending on where you buy it). That's even better than the aftermarket price for the same phone just a couple of weeks ago. The seller is based in New York, but this particular phone is being sold with a UK-standard phone charger, so you'll need a spare one to use it.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked LG G5 (Dual SIM) On Sale For $574.99 Via eBay

The LG G5 has been out for a few weeks and it hasn't exactly been a big hit. The $700 price tag certainly isn't helping, either. There's a sizable discount on the international dual SIM variant on eBay right now that seems like a much more reasonable deal. It's just $574.99 and it'll work on any GSM/LTE network; two of them at the same time, actually.

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[Deal Alert] eBay Has A Galaxy S7 Edge Duos (Dual SIM) For $670 - $130 Off Retail

The Galaxy S7 Edge is the current highlight of Samsung's smartphone lineup... and boy, don't they know it. The 32GB version of the phone goes for approximately $800 unlocked in the US, well above the non-Edge version of the S7 and considerably more expensive than more budget-minded flagships like the Nexus 6P or the Moto X. But that doesn't mean you're out of luck when it comes to deal hunting. Right now an eBay vendor is offering the international, unlocked, dual-SIM version of the S7 Edge for just $669.99 . Silver, gold, and black models are available.

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