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[APK Download] Dropbox Gets A Material Design Makeover And Gesture Folder Navigation In Version 2.6

Apps with tens of millions of users tend to either spend a lot of time and effort conforming to Android's visual standards... or spend none at all, considering their own cross-platform UI more important. Dropbox has tended to fall into the former category, but it's taken them a while to get on board with the Material Design standards introduced with Android 5.0. That changes today: version adds a new UI that follows the Material Design playbook.

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Microsoft Office Online Now Lets You Open, Edit, And Save Documents In Dropbox

Despite the existence of OneDrive, Microsoft and Dropbox are friends now. The Redmond-based company knows where you're saving your stuff, and it wants you using its office suite regardless. It's business.

So Microsoft and Dropbox have announced the next level of integration for their mutual products. Office Online will now let you open a file straight from Dropbox, edit it, and save it back. This is the kind of seamless experience that came to Android towards the end of last year.

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Mailbox Goes Material Design In Version 2.0

Dropbox's Mailbox email client has always been relatively simple and stylish, but the latest version of the app pushes it further in both directions. For the big 2.0, Mailbox is going material.

The side navigation menu slides out over the action bar, and a floating action button hovers in the bottom right corner. Excess lines have been stripped from various areas of the app, leaving more whitespace and, well, lots of white in general.

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Dropbox App Adds A Built-In PDF Viewer And In-Document Searching For PDF, Word, And PowerPoint Files

Dropbox is one of those essential apps that goes on any new Android device I buy or test almost immediately. Today it's getting an update adding a couple of features that will make it considerably more useful for reading and searching documents. First of all, the Dropbox app for Android can now view Adobe PDF files natively. Since it seems like we're doomed to use this proprietary format until the heat death of the universe (or at least until Adobe starts charging by the page), it's a handy extra.

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Dropbox Update Introduces Ability To Open Shared Links Inside The Android App

When you open a shared Dropbox link on the web, a preview of the file opens up in the browser. Now this functionality is coming over to the Android app. When you open a shared link on your mobile device while running the latest version of Dropbox, you will be able to open the file or folder directly inside the app, giving you a full view of documents and photos.


Previously, clicking on a shared link on a phone shot you out to the web browser, where Dropbox's mobile site would take over.

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Dropbox's Mailbox App Updated With Tablet Support (Sort Of) In Version 1.6

The Mailbox email app belongs to Dropbox, but it began life as an independent app on iOS. That being the case, it's not really surprising that when Dropbox bought the developers and made the app multi-platform, it wasn't initially optimized for Android tablets. It was a little odd when that status quo continued for the better part of a year. With version 1.6.2, that considerable oversight has been addressed.

2015-02-08 18.27.58 2015-02-08 18.28.07 2015-02-08 18.28.19

Well, kinda.

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JotterPad 11 Brings An Updated Material Look With A Typewriter Mode, Rhyme Dictionary, Custom Font Support, And More

I love JotterPad. I've said it before, but I thought I'd preface with this disclaimer and then convince you why you should love it too. I'm not in the business of coercing anyone, but I think we'd all be better off if we did more writing, be it regular note taking, prose, poetry, journaling, or anything that involves putting a series of words in an order that makes sense with a decent serving of imagery and correct grammar sprinkled on top.

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Dropbox Continues International Expansion With Acquisition Of Israel-Based Company CloudOn

Dropbox has decided to buy CloudOn, an Israel-based company whose bread and butter consists of providing iPhone and iPad owners with a means of editing Microsoft Word documents in the cloud. The company gained popularity doing this at a time before Microsoft was fully ready to commit to the idea itself. The service worked with a number of cloud storage providers, of which Dropbox was one.

Cloudon1 Cloudon2 Cloudon3

With the acquisition, Dropbox is positioning itself to expand into even more corners of the world.

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Latest Carousel Update Adds Optional Shortcut On Top Of Your Camera App Whenever You Take A Picture

Dropbox's Carousel app handles the photos you've taken on your smartphone and automatically backed up to the company's servers. The experience is a smooth way to save your images somewhere while retaining quick access to them. But if you want to use the interface to view a photo immediately after taking one (instead of using your phone's built-in gallery app), you previously had to jump out of the camera and hop over to the separate app.

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Dropbox Integration With Microsoft Office Mobile Is Now Live

The Office mobile app just got an update, and for once it's bringing something you might care about. The latest update adds the Dropbox integration that was announced early this month. You can now open, edit, and save documents in Dropbox using the Office app.

2014-11-19 16.34.24 2014-11-19 16.36.59

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