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Dropbox Now Has Over 500 Million Registered Users

Earlier this year, the Dropbox Android app ran by the 500 million installs milestone on Google Play. The problem with that metric is that it tracks the number of times the app has been downloaded from the Play Store, which includes updates to pre-installed versions. That makes this a very unspecific marker of how many people actually use Dropbox on Android.

We still don't know the answer to that question, but today Dropbox is happy to announce the number of people using the service overall. Over 500 million people have signed up since the file hosting company started syncing the contents of desktop folders in 2008.

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Dropbox Android App Passes 500 Million Installs On Google Play

Many of Google's apps have passed a billion installs. This sounds like a large accomplishment, until you consider that shipping pre-installed counts as being installed. In that case, it's more impressive when third-party software makes the list. Dropbox isn't at a billion yet, but it's now halfway there.

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Dropbox Will Shut Down Mailbox On February 26th, Carousel On March 31st, After Under Two Years In The Play Store

Dropbox is a cloud storage provider, but over the past couple of years, the company has tried to expand into something more. For some folks, it's also an email client. For others, it was a place not just to store photos, but to interact with them in a cool way.

That's because on April 9th, 2014, Dropbox released an email client called Mailbox and a photo gallery app known as Carousel. Now Dropbox is stepping away from both and intends to close each service early next year.

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Zulip, Dropbox's Team-Focused Chat Client, Goes Open Source

I've used a bunch of team-based, business-oriented chatroom-style services, and Slack and Hipchat seem to be the two most popular choices for managers at this point. Maybe it's time to consider an alternative, and cloud storage giant Dropbox is giving us a pretty good reason to do so: Zulip. The funny-named client has been quietly developed by Dropbox for the last year, and now it's available as an open source tool.

Dropbox acquired Zulip in 2014, and the service is going open source as a result of the company's yearly Hack Week invitational program. And when they say open, they mean wide open: the chat server, the Android and iOS apps, the desktop programs for Windows, OS X, and Linux, all of it is being offered up.

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Dropbox Announces New Team Feature For Easier Collaboration

Dropbox doesn't just make syncing and backing up files easier done than said, it serves as a great way to collaborate on projects too. But managing shared folders and permissions isn't as simple as dragging files into a folder and watching them fly off into the sky (that's how the cloud metaphor works, right?). To address this, Dropbox has unveiled a new feature to simplify life for teams.

A new Teams folder lets everyone store files in a single place. The content here is automatically accessible to every member, making it easier to exchange files.

Dropbox has included the option to divide teams into groups, speeding up the process of sharing files with specific people.

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New Dropbox Beta Adds Batch Operations And Other Less Important Things [APK Download]

The Dropbox app got much more attractive a few months ago, but it has continued to lack some pretty basic file management features. In the latest beta, which you can grab from APK Mirror, Dropbox finally gets one of those features we've been longing for—batch operations. Yes. Well, mostly yes.

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Minimal Text Editor Monospace From Underwood Apps Is Now Available In Public Beta On The Play Store

Underwood Apps, developer of the widely-praised Today Calendar, has a new entry on the Play Store. You probably won't be interested if you're looking for another replacement to a core Google app, but writers, developers, and editors would do well to check it out. Say hello to Monospace, a super-simple text editor that's making its Play Store debut in beta form. It's a free download for Android 4.0.3 or later.

image (8) image (9)

Monospace is another entry in the minimal group of text editors - it doesn't support any of the more complex formatting you might be familiar with from a word processor, like templates or spell checking.

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Dropbox Adds Collaborative Comments In Version 3.0.1, But Nobody Cares Because Now It Does Native GIF Viewing

In the latest version, Dropbox adds a much-needed favor for collaborative teams and users who rely on effective communication across updated files. But who gives a crap about that, because the app has also added GIF support.


Version 3.0.1 lets you view animated GIFs right in Dropbox without popping out to an external app. That should be useful for... OK, it's not particularly useful for anything, except that one time that you need to instantly distinguish between the original and reverse of that one dog image when you attend a GIF party via your tablet. But now you can totally do that!

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Dropbox Updated To v3.0 With Material Design For Non-Beta Users [APK Download]

The official Dropbox app took its first step into a material world several weeks ago with the v2.6 update. That was followed by v2.7, but both of these were beta releases. Now it's bumped up to v3.0 and is rolling out to everyone via the Play Store.

2015-06-22 16.34.13 2015-06-22 16.34.22 2015-06-22 16.34.30

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OnePlus Makes The One's Price Drop Permanent, Announces New Dropbox Deal

OnePlus put its "flagship-killer" on sale last week for $50 off. Now that you can actually buy it, that's a good deal. Today the company is announcing that the price drop is now permanent, and there's a Dropbox deal starting in just a few days.


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