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Dropbox adds another terabyte to some cloud storage plans at no additional cost

You might recall the Google One announcement from a few months ago. Google's new storage plans are an even better deal than they once were with 2TB for $20 per month. That made Dropbox look a little behind the times with its 1TB offering. Today, Dropbox is catching up, at least in terms of total storage. The "Pro" monthly plan is moving from 1TB to 2TB, matching Google One.

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Dropbox's new Gmail Add-on makes file sharing quicker and easier

Back in March of last year, Google announced Gmail Add-ons for G Suite customers. It took another seven months for the Add-ons to actually debut, at which point ten apps were launched. We haven't heard much on that front for a while, but Dropbox has just announced a Gmail Add-on of its own that aims to make sending files a lot less painful.

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[Deal Alert] Today only, get 1 TB of Dropbox storage for a year plus a $20 Amazon gift card for $99

Everybody uses multiple devices these days, and having access to your files across all your gadgets is practically essential (or, at the very least, super handy). Cloud storage is the simplest way to make sure your stuff goes where you go, and Amazon's throwing in a nice bonus with purchase of a year subscription to Dropbox Plus: a $20 Amazon gift card.

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Dropbox app gets revamped home screen, file activity list, and more

Dropbox might be running behind Google Drive when it comes to storage, but there's a mobile app update rolling out with some handy new features. Today kicks off the changes, but not all the new features will be available right away.

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Dropbox IPO is off to a healthy start, valuation soars north of $12 billion

For a growing company, there's arguably no day bigger than its initial public offering. After all that work establishing your brand and building up value, it's finally time for the market to decide what your company is actually worth. Over the years we've seen plenty of tech firms take their companies public (with varying degrees of success), and it was just about this time last year when we witnessed Snap start its IPO with a bang—even if today's price is now below where it started. In 2018, though, all eyes have been on Dropbox and its own plans to go public.

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Google Cloud integration is coming to Dropbox

A whole bunch of Google services will soon be easier to use with Dropbox. The company announced today in a blog post that a number of Google’s productivity tools like Gmail, Hangouts Chat, and Google Docs will work with Dropbox much more seamlessly in the near future.

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Dropbox looking to raise $500 million as company files for IPO

For over a decade, Dropbox has been a staple of the cloud storage industry, despite hard competition from larger players like Google and Microsoft. All that time, the company has remained private, but that's about to change. Dropbox filed to raise $500 million in an initial public offering (IPO) yesterday, revealing previously-secret details about the company.

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The Moon is an all-seeing, levitating robotic eyeball that can control your home [Update]

We've seen levitating Bluetooth speakers and connected smart cameras before, but the Moon, a fully funded Indiegogo project, melds those technologies in a $209 ($330 at retail) floating robotic eyeball and base that can also act as a smart hub for your home. That is, if it ever ships. The typical crowdfunding caveats apply. Some Indiegogo projects don't have much of a future, and this is 1-Ring's first.

The Moon, which comes from 1-Ring Inc., comprises a wide-angle lens embedded in a sphere made of plastic, aluminum, and rubber. When the smart camera is levitating above its base unit, it can give its owner a 360-degree scan of whatever room it's placed in.

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Dropbox adds mobile prompts for two-step verification

Choosing a strong password to protect your online accounts is a good idea, but the best way to keep your data secure is to enable two-factor authentication (sometimes called two-step verification) on the accounts that support it. This usually requires you to enter a code sent to you by SMS or generated by an app, and this has long been true of Dropbox's two-factor system. Now, Dropbox is making it easier to access your account securely by adding mobile prompts for two-factor.

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[Deal Alert] Get a 1-year Dropbox Plus subscription for $60 ($40 off) plus a $25 Dell gift card

So, you've got a lot of data stored locally and you need someplace to dump it. Google Drive and Dropbox are usually the same price, so the choice may be hard. It's easier today because Dell is offering a sizable discount on a year of Dropbox Plus service. It's usually $100, but right now it's $40 off and you get a Dell gift card on top of that.

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