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Facebook expands photo and video export with Dropbox support

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced worldwide a tool for users to export uploaded pictures and video to Google Photos. This was all well and good, but if you preferred to keep your photos elsewhere, you were stuck manually adding them to your favorite service. Today, Facebook announced integration with both Dropbox and Koofr, allowing you to export your photos and videos to the services with just a few clicks.

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Dropbox for Android reaches 1 billion installs on the Play Store

Dropbox has been available on Android for just over ten years, and in that decade, it has evolved into one of the best cloud storage options available for the platform. Now the app has passed one billion installations, reaching the same milestone that applications like Twitter and Netflix recently passed.

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Dropbox adds computer backups, a secure vault, and password management

Even with memory cards and USB drives, there comes a time when you run out of local storage. Dropbox is one of the most popular ways to keep stuff in the cloud, and today the company has released a new set of features including computer backups, a PIN-protected Vault, and a password manager.

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Dropbox declares end of support for Android 4.4 KitKat and 5 Lollipop

It's always admirable when a developer supports older operating systems; but there comes a time of diminishing returns when the effort to keep software working on old versions becomes disproportionately expensive compared to the ever-dwindling number of decrepit devices that still use an app. Such is the situation with Dropbox, which just declared the end of support for Android 5.x and older.

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Dropbox documents are now accessible from the Chrome OS file manager

Last year, Chrome OS added support for displaying files from Android cloud storage apps. The feature worked immediately with apps that already used Android's DocumentsProvider API, including OneDrive and Box, but Dropbox didn't support the API at the time. Dropbox has finally added the API, giving it integration with the Chrome OS file manager.

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Dropbox brings new eSign feature to all desktop users

Dropbox is launching a native method for its users to electronically sign and secure signatures from others on its web client using HelloSign, a startup it acquired last year for $230 million. The integration is the latest in a series of a monetized additions to its core cloud storage business this year.

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Chromebook owners can now get 100GB of free Dropbox storage for a year

Google already throws in a few perks with the purchase of Chromebooks, like three months of Disney+ or copies of Doom I and II, but now there's an extra bonus. If you've bought a Chromebook recently, you might be able to get 100GB of free Dropbox storage for 12 months.

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Dropbox fully rolling out mobile dark theme, password manager, spins off document scanner into iOS app

Dropbox is shaking up the dog days of this summer of working from home with the deployment of a few features that have been in beta for what feels like forever. Plus, it's also spinning off its documenting scanning feature into an app and introducing a file transfer service with separate quotas to users' cloud storage.

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How to sync your Dropbox or OneDrive files on a Chromebook

With Windows programs on the way to Chrome OS and Linux and Android apps already available, it's possible to get a lot of work done on a Chromebook while you're offline. The only problem is that Chrome OS doesn't save a lot of data locally, and even the native Google Drive integration won't retain offline copies of files by default (though that can be changed for individual folders and files). While Chrome OS gained the ability to give you read-only access to third-party cloud storage, there is no official means of fully syncing files from there to your Chromebook. But if you absolutely need offline access to your cloud storage data on your Chromebook, there's an Android app that can help with that: Autosync.

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Dropbox begins rolling out pricey family plan following massive feature update

Dropbox has finally fessed up to beta testing a new password manager app. That's just one of several service improvements it announced today that will enhance ease of use and security. But the one that takes the cake today is the ability to sync selected folders from the desktop.

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