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Flying a drone is my personal cure for the lockdown blues

When we're all glued to the ground in the midst of a pandemic that's almost certain to last for many months to come, we all need to find pathways to escapism. Sure, books, videogames, and exercise are fine and dandy, but for the people who are seeking new perspectives when travel is prohibitively restricted, why not fly a drone? In the past year, things have come a long way to make it easier for people in urban areas to take off safely and easily.

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Alphabet's Wing gains FAA license to fly drones for U.S. deliveries

It's a concept that's been teased by megacorporations for years yet has only had meaningful progress in recent years: delivery by drone. For Google, Project Wing was conceived some 6 years ago as a way to shoot dog food from a local warehouse to your house. Today, the FAA announced that Wing, now the bona fide Alphabet company, has become the first drone delivery company to receive an Air Carrier Certification, meaning that it can now legally do business in the United States.

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DJI's Phantom 4 Advanced "Plus" drone with 1080p built-in display controller is just $1049 - today only

DJI's Phantom 4 Advanced drone is probably soon to be replaced by the next generation of Phantoms, but that means the deals on these drones are going to be flying fast and furious over the coming months. Today, we've got the lowest price ever for the 4 Advanced "Plus" package, which includes a remote controller with an attached 1080p display. These model GL300E remotes go for $300-400 on the open market (they're not available for purchase separately), and the smartphone mount version of the Phantom 4 Advanced has never dipped below $849 (and is rarely below $1100), making this version with the built-in display controller a heck of a deal.

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Hurry: DJI Mavic Pro falls to all-time low of $650 ($150 off) at B&H

If you're on the lookout for a mid to high-end drone, have we got the deal for you. The DJI Mavic Pro, the company's old prosumer flagship drone, is currently on sale at B&H for an all-time low of $650 with a free pair of spare propellers. While we have seen comparable prices on refurbished Mavic Pros, it has never dropped this low on sale as a new drone with a complete manufacturer warranty. This deal ends at midnight ET, so you will have to hurry.

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DJI Smart Controller for Mavic 2 debuts with Android, high-brightness display, and $650 price tag

Yesterday at CES 2019, DJI announced the new Smart Controller for its Mavic 2 lineup. This Android-powered handheld runs the DJI Go 4 app and features a high-brightness display. It goes on sale immediately for $650.

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DJI's Black Friday deals go live, including $100 off Mavic Air and many more

Popular drone manufacturer DJI has started its Black Friday sales a day early, with some decent savings to be had across its range of products. The Mavic Air, one of the company's best sellers, can be had for $100 off (even $110 off at Amazon), but there are other inviting discounts too.

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DJI announces the Mavic 2 with industry leading Pro and Zoom camera options

If you have the desire to take some stunning aerial video footage and imagery, as well as pretty deep pockets, a camera drone could be for you. They seem to have increased in popularity over the past few years, as prices become less crazy and the technology improves. DJI is one of the biggest names in the drone space, and it's just announced it's most advanced hardware yet.

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You can now buy the AirSelfie2 drone because taking selfies yourself is so old-fashioned

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "My arms are just too short to take a totally rad selfie." Well, why not have a drone do it? The previously announced AirSelfie2 drone aircraft is available for purchase. Never again will you need to stretch your arm to the limit to get those Insta-likes.

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[Deal Alert] DJI Mavic Pro @ $799 ($200 off), Spark $349 ($150 off) + $50 GC

Most of us have probably wished we could fly at some point. True, we've got external mechanical means of flight, but every kiddo's dream of a running start with outstretched arms remains firmly in the realm of fantasy. While science works to solve that problem, you can pick up a drone to sate your Icarian desires in the meantime. And you're in luck, as there just so happens to be a small pile of discounts for DJI drones like the Mavic Pro and Spark.

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DJI launches a new set of HD FPV goggles specially designed for drone racing

If you're looking for a first-person view when controlling your drone, DJI's goggles already had you covered. The company has now updated its original viewer with a new version designed specifically with racing in mind. The sleek metallic black and red leather goggles are exactly what you'd expect from a product carrying a 'Racing Edition' moniker.

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