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Google is rolling out the new 'Backup and Sync' desktop client for Drive and Photos

Google announced a new desktop app last month called "Backup and Sync." It's a replacement for both the desktop Google Drive and Photos apps, but it was delayed almost two weeks ago. Google has now announced that Backup and Sync is officially rolling out, but you don't have to wait for the update.

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Google announces 'Backup and Sync' for Windows and Mac, will replace desktop Google Drive client

The Google Drive client for Windows and Mac is.. decent. It's a bit buggy, and at least on Windows, seems to disconnect every once in a while for no apparent reason. Back in March, we learned that Google was working on a new version called 'Backup and Sync,' because the company accidentally pushed an unfinished version to users which didn't work at all.

Now it seems like Backup and Sync is nearly ready for release.

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[Update: Fix available] Google Drive on Windows self-updating to 'Backup and Sync,' breaking in the process

Did you think Google's intentional downgrade OTA for the Nexus 6 from yesterday was bad? Google appears to be on a mission to break as many products as possible, and next up is the Google Drive client for Windows.

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Gmail users can now receive attachments up to 50 megabytes, sent files still limited to 25

Email really isn't designed to handle massive files being sent along with messages... but then, since the standard has been in use for decades, it's been modified in a lot of ways that weren't originally intended. Today Google is expanding email's capabilities some more, at least in terms of the Gmail system. According to the latest Gsuite blog post, Gmail users can now open attachments in incoming mail of up to 50 megabytes in size.

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G Suite update includes Action items, improved voice typing, Forms improvements, and more

Google recently renamed their Google Apps for Work service as 'G Suite,' which I still think sounds silly. However, the features Google announced today for all G Suite users are anything but.

Possibly the most important new feature is Action Items, which are Docs files assigned to a person or group of people. You can assign documents to others, which then appear on the recipient's main Drive screen with a special badge. Additionally, when you create a comment on the desktop site along the lines of "Phil to enter numbers for this week," Docs can figure out whom you are talking about and assign it to them automatically.

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The latest versions of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allow you to restore deleted files


Google Drive adds Quick Access feature, guesses what file you might want

Google Drive has recently added an enhanced search and regular expressions support, but those features have not yet made their way to the mobile apps. Now the Android application exclusively has a new feature, simply called Quick Access. This uses machine learning to predict what documents you are most likely to open, based on your Drive activity and recurring patterns. Google claims this "saves 50 percent off the average time it takes to get to the right file by eliminating the need to search for it."

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Google Docs now supports regular expressions, not on mobile apps yet

Regular expressions are common in the programming world as a way of finding (and filtering) text based on patterns. regexes can range from extremely simple, such as the example above for finding whitespaces, to longer expressions for more general inputs. If you are one of the wizards who can actually comprehend phrases like (?<=^|(?<=[^a-zA-Z0-9-_\.]))@([A-Za-z]+[A-Za-z0-9]+) (a regex for identifying Twitter usernames), then Google Docs' latest feature is just for you.

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Google Drive now has enhanced search with Natural Language Processing

Finding that one important file hidden in a sea of unrelated documents is never fun. Thankfully, Google is seeking to help solve that problem - at least for Google Drive users. Starting today, the Google Drive search bar on the web app can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help you find documents. For example, searching "show me presentations from last year" brings up all your documents modified in last year with a presentation file type.


Google claims that this feature will only become more accurate as time goes on, so don't get your hopes up for perfect results quite yet. For example, I have a collection of old operating systems on ISO files, and when I search "iso files," a single JPEG file appears.

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Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides improve tables and charts on Android [APK Download]

Tables and charts are some of the most commonly used elements in Google's Drive suite of apps, but they can be a little clunky on mobile. Today, Google has updated Docs, Slides, and Sheets on Android to make these organizational tools easier to use than ever before.

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