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Dribbble is saying goodbye to its mobile apps

Dribbble is one of the premier destinations for amateur and expert designers alike all over the world. The platform has been helping connect designers online since 2009, and it introduced its first Android app back in 2018. Unfortunately, it seems like that didn't go as well as the company hoped, because the app is due to be sunsetted from the Play Store later this year.

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[Incredibbble] Dribbble has acquired third-party Android app Rippple

I've come across Dribbble a few times in my online life, often when a budding designer shares a concept of an app or idea for all to see. The service seems like a mix between a social platform and a portfolio showcase where those with an artistic penchant can publish their designs, illustrations, photography, and other forms of scribbbles. But sadly, the lack of an official Android app used to crippple users from properly accessing the service on their smartphone so they had to resort to third-party apps.

Developed by Mathieu Marée, Rippple is the most popular Dribbble client on Android, and it's now being purchased by the service.

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